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First Day 2 (and hello I'm new)

Hello everyone,

I am Paul, I have been smoking about a pack a day for nearly five years now and stopped yesterday. This is the first real concerted effort to stop in the time I've been smoking and actually I am finding it very difficult. I read this forum yesterday on my first day and found a lot of the threads and suggestions quite helpful so I thought I would join up today and hopefully I will be able to assist others as well as succeed myself.

Many of your threads have already inspired me a lot so thank you all in advance, I really feel like this is going to work.


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Welcome Paul and well done on your decision to quit :D You'll get loads of help, advice and support here.

You have made the best decision ever when it comes to quitting smoking and wish you all the best with your new, healthy smoke free life ;)

Gaynor x


Welcome Paul and well done on your decision to quit. You will find lots of help here and, as I'm sure you know from reading the forum, it won't always be what you want to hear. The best thing I can advise is to not take anything personally and listen to all options. Even just being able to come on here for a rant is a good thing.

Look forward to keeping up with your progress.


Hello Paul *waves*

I am new here as well, and im also on day two. I have found this forum a great help already, and im glad to have the support.

Keep posting and letting us know of your progress.

See you tomorrow on Day 3 :p


welcome Paulie <forever going to remind me of Rocky>

As others have said, post your arse off on here mate. Lots of great people to support you and share their experiences. Me included i guess, i am on day 5 and loving it!

good luck


Hello Paul *waves* I am new here as well, and im also on day two.

Well thank you Porcupine and everyone else for your lovely welcome so far! I think it will definitely help having a not-smoking buddy who started on the same day... good to know at least one other person has taken the same decision on the same day. I wish you the best of luck!

I've been struggling a bit today at work, I find as it becomes more stressful it's all too easy to be tempted to 'get away from my desk' for a little trip outside. Actually though I am reasonably pleased so far. I eschewed the pub at lunch for fear that it might bring on a desire to smoke, but did manage reasonably well last night at home with my partner while she smoked. I am beginning to wonder though how I will feel about my relationship when I have not been smoking for a while and she continues to (I suspect she will never stop).

Those worries aside I have nothing but determination to succeed. See you all on day 3 indeed!



Welcome Paulie! Great decision to quit as everyone has said. Use the forum for support and advice we all know what you are going through and it does get easier so onwards and upwards for you.:)


Welcome Paulie .Well done for starting to stop. If your craving gets a bit much just remember you will not actually feel any better by having a cig as any of us who have had that cig will tell you. Just take it one day at a time and before you know it a day is a week. xx


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