Was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism almost 2 years ago (as a result of long term kidney disease). Finally prescribed Cinacalcet in March of this year when levels had reached 600. Levels fells to about 240-260 and have remained around this figure since Sept but latest blood test shows levels have increased back up into the high 400's. Anyone out there taking this medication and more importantly have you found that your levels have suddenly increased for no apparent reason?

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  • I'm in a similar position - CKD has caused me to develop Hyperparathyroidsim.

    I was started on OneAlpha Calcidol in April '11 at a dose of 250ug (PTH Level of over 460 at that point) which reduced the PTH levels - to around the 300 mark. I have now had it doubled to 500ug as of last week as my PTH levels started to creep up again to the mid 400's.

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