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Why can't I drink colas?


I have CKD 3b and for the past 6 years since diagnosis, I have been told by my nephrologist to stop dark colas. My phosphorus levels have always been low normal even when drinking colas, so my question is, why cant I have dark colas on my kidney diet occasionally? (1 per day-8 oz.)

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You can have a dark cola. You can drink as much as you want. Just prepare for the sodium, sugars, and caffeine and other ingredients (caramel) to cause problems for you and CKD. It's not just phosphorous. Try to remember that the dark in dark colas is made of several ingredients and if you don't know what they are then some investigation on your part is in order.

Sdtagoo in reply to Mr_Kidney

Thanks for your reply. I was told dark colas are not allowed due to phosphorus. I was told that was the concern. I can check the ingredients but I drank diet so sugar isn't an issue. I do watch my sodium although it is always in the normal range. I am not diabetic and my B/P is controlled by a low dose fluid pill. Caffeine isn't an issue as I do not have it as a daily basis (No coffee or highly caffeinated drinks). I'm unsure about the caramel flavoring though. I am in the normal weight range for my height & weight. That's why I wonder about dark colas. I was told A&W root beer is ok. I'll have to find out why by comparing ingredients in that, with ingredients in pepsi.

SN23 in reply to Sdtagoo

There are studies that suggest that Diet Coke (aspartame) is linked to decline in kidney function.

Sdtagoo in reply to SN23

Aspartame is also in A&W diet root beer & light sodas as well. My nephrologist said it was ok to drink those.

Angie2020 in reply to Sdtagoo

Aspartame is the devil in disguise. It's linked t alsorts of health problems and our bodies don't recognise it as a food

As a person who also has ckd, I can only say that you need to look at the whole picture and all the things that go into hurting your kidney, do your own research, decide what each thing is worth to you in protecting your kidney, and make your decisions from there. When I was diagnosed, my GFR was 36.6. My nephrologist told me nothing except to take my blood pressure every day. I did my research, stopped eating chocolate, dairy, tomatoes, potatoes, lunch meat, etc., and my last blood test showed a GFR of 54.

Marvin8 in reply to lowraind

Have never heard of somebody's GR increasing that much unless they were dehydrated when diagnosed. That's amazing. Out of curiosity, if you're strict with your protein, are you able to maintain any kind of muscle mass? Mine is quickly vanishing.

lowraind in reply to Marvin8

I have not noticed a reduction. I used Mathea Ford's Create Your Own Kidney Diet Plan and for a couple of months religiously tracked my sodium, potassium, phosphorous, protein, carbs and calories. It allows me 65 grams of protein: 19 at breakfast, 22 at lunch, and 22 at dinner. If I overdo at one meal, I make it up at another. This does not often happen.

Angie2020 in reply to Marvin8

Mine went from 59 to 78 in two weeks

aj2581 in reply to Angie2020

Wow that’s awesome, did you change your diet too?

Angie2020 in reply to aj2581

No I've recently found out it's not my kidneys.. my kidneys were just reacting to other illnesses but it's took this long to get diagnosed!

aj2581 in reply to lowraind

That’s awesome I’m having a hard time giving up chocolate.. I don’t eat it often but I have been craving it lately, do you think like once a month, it’s ok? Or fast food too I’ve been craving a cheeseburger from McDonald’s I wonder if once in a great while it’s ok 😬

lowraind in reply to aj2581

My nephrologist told me to have candy "once in a while". I still have not done that. I guess the best thing to do would be to count up all of what you have each day in terms of sodium, potassium, phosphorous and protein and decide if you can afford a piece of chocolate. I know it is hard to go without!

aj2581 in reply to lowraind

Thank you! Do you know how much sodium, potassium, phosphorus and sugar in gms we are supposed to have per day? My gfr is 40.. my dietician said 140 mg of sodium per meal

lowraind in reply to aj2581

I used Create Your Own Kidney Diet Plan, by Mathea Ford. It gives you the information to compute amounts for your own individual needs. I think I have seen that the DaVita.com site also provides that information.

aj2581 in reply to lowraind

Thank you!

Colas are a witches brew. Phosphoric acid along with citric acid is the worst for kidneys and then you can add sugar for good measure. When you add both acids to stomach acid the results are even more destructive. The Diet colas are just as bad as they swap out sugar for a ton of salt along with artificial sweeteners that are chemical time bombs. Avoid anything that has phosphoric acid on the label!

Sdtagoo in reply to Mysticlad

Thank you. It sounds like it's better to cut all colas out, dark or not.

Aspartame? I Was unaware that was bad for you, when I stopped using sugar in drinks I changed to the sweetex tabs and that contains aspartame, any suggestions on a sweetener without aspartame? I do still like a cup or 2 of coffee each day and I use sweetex

Only safe sweetener out there is Stevia a natural leaf. I used Splenda thinking it was ok for a few years and found out about a independent study that should it caused kidney lesions.

Thanks. I wondered. Sweet n Low does not contain aspartame though.

Reading the fine print on packages of Stevia, it's part Splenda....!

motolas in reply to Stevo99

Stevia is a natural sweetner.

aj2581 in reply to Stevo99

I’ve heard Splenda is the best for you but I prefer sweet n low

Stevia is all that I use and even that I use sparingly.

What about the packaged flavor capsules you can put into your water? Has anyone ever used those?

Lol. It’s not that dire at all. You could probably safely have 8 ounces of cola a day with no ill effects. Just make sure you count the phosphorus and sodium and all that and stay within your recommended daily allowance. Don’t start giving up stuff you love. If you do that what’s the purpose of even being alive.

aj2581 in reply to Cruze44

That’s true and that’s what I’m struggling with. Sometimes I feel depressed because I’m at a luncheon or something and I can’t eat anything while everyone else is happy eating everything.

Doctor told me no fizzy drinks at all.

Hi - as a nutritionist I can tell you that my advice to anyone is to avoid all soda pop, and this very much includes diet sodas which the body responds to in the same way in terms of insulin production. With kidneys it is key to keep the internal environment as well as possible as they buffer the acid-/alkali within the body - soda pop is a bit like pouring acid onto a beautiful rainforest. The high phosphoric acid strips the bones of calcium as the body dumps calcium from the bones into the blood in an effort to neutralise the acidity. This is of course with regular use. Which is one of the reasons poor bone health is such an issue in modern societies. If it is a big struggle for you and I understand patterns are hard to change - then one very occasionally but my advice is to generally steer clear. On another note these drinks are not friendly to the environment as they require twice the amount of water to make one can for example. The more we clean up our dietary choices, the better chances the planet has to thrive. Caffeine also triggers the fight or flight response in the body. Diet soda especially are highly addictive so take care. Water and herbal teas are the best choices.

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