Blood Pressure irratic and now GDR readings don't look too goof

Female age 46, suddenly experiencing nausea, dizziness, headache and tiredness. Iron levels at 3. BP Averaging 144/93 and now 1st GDR reading of 58. My go is looking to get me a kidney scan, but states that although my BP is a bit high, it's still within acceptable levels. I'm a bit concerned as any online information found so far indicates that I should be on meds to bring my BP down, should I ask my go to reevaluate their decision?

Thanks for any feedback to help me either relax about their decision or seek further discussion.

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  • Are they going to do anything about your iron levels??? that could be part of the reason you are feeling so rough as well as your bp.

  • Hi googie, yes, I've been on 700mg daily of iron for a week now, the nausea is beginning to subside, so think that's why I was feeling rough. I just need to know if GDR levels can fluctuate and could this possibly be a one off reading which might not occur again?

    Anything I've researched kind of points to this been a progressive decline and gps only pickup on it when levels have hit below the preferred level of 60?

    I would be grateful if you could put my mind at ease.

    Thank you

  • GDR? Is that Glucose Disposal Rate?

  • Have you got any other conditions that could effect you kidney function??

  • Gfr was what I meant to type, predictive text changed it to GDR, sorry. No other conditions that I'm aware of.

  • lol, I was googling all over the place trying to learn something about Glucose :) First of all don't panic about your GFR results. That is still pretty good going. I am at 19 and my daughter is at 40 and still just being watched by the renal clinic.

    Would be a good idea to find out why you are at this level, could be your bp. Get the scan done, hear the results and then start asking questions. He might want to see the scan before he starts playing around with your bp , as he might want to know why its happened xx

    keep us up to date xx

  • googie hi just read that your gfr is 19 have you been back to renal unit as my son had his fistula done ready for dyalisis when his was at 20 then on transplant list when it dropped to 15 then transplanted at grf 8 and below...I think yours is quite low? just to be monitered x

  • do you feel ill mine gfr was 19 was put on steroids last may and it has gone up to 29 and I have been told that I will be on them for a long while but I have put on weight and that gets me down I also have the shakes thank you for being there it does help to know that I am not alone

  • Hi googie, thanks for this info, it has put my mind at rest. I feel awful worrying about my levels when clearly there are a lot more people worse off!

    I did read some other comments in forums last night which made me think my levels weren't too bad in comparison. One person comment referred to the scary part being when your gfr range is diagnosed at level 3 and there are only 5! This kind of nailed where the fear and panic comes from.

    I also received further correspondence via post to go for more blood tests today as a process of monitoring.

    I'm going to try and not worry and wait for the results to come in.

    Thanks again


  • Never feel awful or silly for worrying about your levels. Everyone has the right to worry about themselves. You aren't well, why shouldn't you worry and ask questions, that is what hopefully will make you more aware of how you can slow down the decrease in your function. So ask away and share your worries with us. No one is on here to judge you xxx

  • Kays, I was diagonosed in 1988 with PKD in the last 12 months my GFr has gone up and down like no ones business. One minute I'm having my fistcula fitted ready for dyalisis because I am at 17% then next minute it goes up and they say the fistcula was fitted to soon. So to answer your question yes it can.

  • Hi Kays I'm 51 and have recently been diagnosed at stage 3. I had two blood tests 6 months apart my GfR was 59 & 57. My BP is a little on the low side and cholesterol a little over the preferred level but nothing major so no obvious reason to be at this stage. I was very worried at first which was made worse by reading far too much on the Internet without the expertise to correctly interpret. I now restrict my reading to two sites recommended by GP whilst waiting for ultrasound appointment to come through. I'll post ultrasound outcome. I've also had urine test for protein that I haven't had results for yet. No iron tablets, may suggest this to GP as I do get tired early afternoon.

  • Yes Jayneb please keep us updated. You are so right about the reading on the internet, it can frighten the life out of you xx

  • i would love to hear some more feed back from 2 months ago...all is quiet so i hope all is well xx

  • hi i developed renal failure 3 years ago,i have damage filters,leaking protein,high blood pressure,anemia.i,m on,10 milgrams of ramapril daily,,4 weeks ago i developed another urine infection with high temp,sickness,severe shaking,itching restless legs,,,dont know how i,m progressing as i feel lost in all the things thats happening ,came on here for some reassurance . thank you xxtake care

  • Don't worry about being at stage 3 out of 5. You could spend a lifetime in that range

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