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I was diagnosis last week CKD stage 3. My last doc nvr mentioned it & this one said i've already had 3 blood test to confim it. I have hypothyroidism too on top that. My GFR reads at 59 but im curious that, my symptoms r pretty much everything under the sun. For the last 2yrs Ive spent being drained of all my energy, Ive nvr been able to get to sleep on my on , nor stay asleep. nvr been able to concentrate lol. Im still waiting to see my nephrologist & so nerous to hear what they say. Im so confused but would anyone happen to know or mayb experienced symptoms likes mine at stage 3?? They have me doing so many tests, its got my nervous

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  • Welcome, Munkie42. I was diagnosed two years ago, my GFR is 60, and at a recent visit my nephrologist said there is little change. Unlike you, I have no other symptoms. My primary care provider found a slight change in my GFR and made the diagnosis from that. I met with a renal nutritionist, who gave me good suggestions on diet.

  • Thanks jaykay. ya, From what Im seeing & reading I know this is gonna b a long road. My GFR has stayed in the Stage 3 so far within 5 digit range, we just could nvr figure out why I was always so sick. Now Im hopin this may give us some direction. Kidney issues run in the family just everyone has a different set of issue

  • Seems like your hypothyroidism is to blame for your fatigue rather than your kidney. My maternal aunt is suffering from hypothyroidism so I have seen the symptoms first hand. I myself am at CKD Stage 3B and unless you have a bad medicinal side effect you are not suppose to feel anything other than the usual body tiredness. I am suffering from hypertension also and get bad side effects (such as fatigue) from my blood pressure pills.

  • Hi I have autoimmune thyroiditis too and my GFR as of yesterday has dropped to 44 from 60. Your thyroid levels have a direct influence over kidney levels so try to aim for optimal thyroid function.

    I aim for a TSH of 1 or under with T4 in higher quarter of the range and achieved it last year which made a big difference to the fatigue and GFR of 60.

    Hope this helps xx

  • you have 2 problems both of which will make you feel very tired you can have many symptoms in stage 3 also some people do some don't my husband was tired, itchy skin & swollen ankles at stage 3!

  • they will ask u to do do thousands of tests untill drain off all your dollars , As far as i know u can live with it .mr GFR was 51 in 2012 now its 24 EVEN AFTER 2 heart attacks,Find out the root cause for low gfr , are u hypertensive ? Do u pass protein in urine ?

    Any WAY U GO TO THE lINK Davita glomerular filtration formular " u will have many more links i "DVITA,





  • lol sorry. Im 34, gonna b 35 in Dec. Im hypothyroidism & so far my lvls random between 8 & 15 so my meds change from 100mcg to 150mcg. I cant sleep at all, nothing seems to work, not even sprict meds or natural herb stuff. I dont know if I have protien in the uirine, the results r not back yet. Still waiting to take to bone density test & ultra sound. See my nephrologist nxt friday. So much happening

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