CKD level 4

After being diagnosed with CKD level 4 three months ago I was advised by my GP to stop taking Metformin which I use to control my diabetes. I now have to test my glucose levels every day with a meter and I am finding my reading creeping up to sometimes past the 10.00mml level. I have also started to gain weight. I have been very strict with myself about my sugar intake as well as salt.

Has anyone else had to stop taking Metformin? How did you manage your blood sugar levels?

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  • " Hi I am almost at stage 4 and I have been taking metformin for about eight years. My doctor has recommended that I get off it because they say your are not suppose to take it once you reach 30 function. I don't feel comfortable taking other diabetes meds so I have yet to get off of it for something else. It took my body so long to adjust to the metformin and until I feel differently I am not changing it. That may sound obstinate but for now so be it. I am sorry that I don't have medical info there is plenty of info online. Stage four is a very scary stage to me as long as I was comfortably in three I could stay in a sort of kidney denial. Now I am having so many symptoms and I have to face what is in store at stage 4."

  • Yes they stopped mine when I was diagnosed, I went for a few months trying to use diet to control my sugar levels and eventually was shited to insulin after a few months.

    To be honest I lost weight when my sugar was not controlled.

    The other thing to remember is that its the overall control of sugar ver a 3 month period they use to assess how well you control yur sugar not specific one off levels, although you should think about what you ate that caused the big spikes.

    the other thing is make sure its 90 minutes after food before you test and ideally you should test before meals.

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