Need some info on weight loss for CKD stage 3 patient

I am referring to this forum for all my questions. Everybody is ready to share experiences and provide much needed emotional support. Thanks a lot.

My husband has lost a lot of weight in one month's time. He was 69 kg on 2nd jan 2013 and now he is 63 kg.....6kgs down...the doctors don't say much. He is losing 3.7 gm of protein everyday. It is a case of diabetic nephropathy.. What to do? Does it have something to do with his diet?

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  • hello, sorry not an expert, but according to lots of the sites I have looked on, the cause of the weight loss would be his condition.

  • Tricky one this for me to answer based on my own experiences ! But the only thing I can put it down to is the diet he's on ! I understand he's diabetic ? One of my symptoms at stage 3 and 4 was loss of appetite and feeling sick ! But I didn't loose weight . Then when I went on PD I put a bit well quite a lot of weight on which did me no good because it put me in the category obese and was suspended off the transplant list ! I hope you get results as to why he's lost weight . Keep well and ask me any questions I will always reply :-)

  • Hi anusai344

    Diet is tricky with CKD and even more so when there is diabetes as well. Does your husband keep to a prescribed diet? One problem which I have found is that food can taste very different to what you are expecting(!) and that can put you off. Protein needs to be rationed because it causes a rise in urea and that and the protein stress the kidneys. HOWEVER you must have sufficient protein because your body will get it anyway by breaking down your muscle tissue. That can also be used for energy, so it's important to have enough carbohydrate in diet to provide this. The carbohydrate should be the complex type such as grains, beans, lentils etc. NOT SUGAR! I don't know how careful he has to be about potassium and phosphate, but the renal dietician should be able to help - I think it's very important to talk to him/her. I've found that I'm able to have small amounts of most of the things we're warned against and that makes one feel better about life. In general it's better to have smaller meals more often than one large one. I hope this is helpful, although you may know it already.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Manon,

    Thanks for your mail. We are trying to do just what you have mentioned. I was told that he should restrict lentils as well by the renal dietician. He has been told to have the following once a week... chicken, fish, lentils, red kidney beans, chick peas. I am wondering if that is ok or should he have a little bit of lentil everyday. Is that the diet too strict and making him weak? we have an appointment with the diabetic specialist tomorrow. His HbA1c is 7.5. which

    is not too bad. I dont know what to cook when I am in the kitchen. I will forward your mail to him. He is fond of eating brown bread. so I guess that is ok.

    I appreciate you responding to my mail. Thanks a lot once again.

  • Hi againanusai344

    The whole question of proteins and carbs is confusing. Yes lentils are high in potassium and phosphates, but the phosphates are not so easily absorbed as from animal protein. They are quite a good source of carbohydrate as well. There seems to be a lot of re-thinking about diet and CKD at the moment, but I wouldn't advise you to go against your consultant as he has been so specific.

    Diabetes complicates things and that is why I think you should contact the renal dietician. EdRen is a very good internet site with lots of information. It's the Renal Unit of The Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

    Good luck


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