hi just had my b12 checked told it is normal i have to ask what my levels actually are .

doctors say between 200-900 is ok on dr mercolas site it says below 150 you are deficient what is this all about are our doctors wrong ?http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/05/19/Warning-Potentially-Life-Threatening-Vitamin-Deficiency-Affects-25-Percent-of-Adults.aspx check this out do our doctors need to update ?

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  • Hi Suki65

    I just read your post and wanted to let you know that I have recently started reading a book called 'Could it be B12? An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses' by Sally Pacholok. You can buy it on Amazon.

    She is a nurse and her husband is a doctor. They have done a lot of research into B12 deficiency and its misdiagnoses in most people. She diagnosed her own B12 deficiency and is campaigning to get the normal serum B12 levels changed. She says that anything below 450 is a grey zone and needs treating and the elderly should not have their levels drop below 1000!

    Dr Mercola's suggestion of 150 sounds completely crazy!

    I would find out your levels and get the book and if you feel this is a problem, take the book in with you to you doctor and ask for a course of injections.

    Good luck!


  • my b12 is 276 is this really normal ?

  • Hi I have ckd 3 gfr 53..I had a blood test a month ago and ..dr rang me to go to see her ..I had vitamin d defiency and b12 she has put me on vitamin..Folic acid and a b12 jab every week for 5 weeks..and after continue with the jabs every 3 months or 6 months I cant remember which...When I next go to see her I will ask what the level was..and i will post on here...I must say I feel so much better got more energy also my nerve pain has reduced......lilly

  • thanks for this lillyrae please let me know i will put on what my levels are also have you taken to the b12 injections or have you had side effects

  • I feel so much better on the b12 jab..The day I have it I can hardly speak and just want to go to bed i can fall asleep sitting up just no energy...I have the jab early saturday morning by Saturday night I start to feel better sunday morning fine different person..Ive noticed as having the jab every week at the moment by Friday my nerve pain is more noticeable and I feel in agony with it.. i feel all my teeth hurt with nerve pain and very painfull and I get a trapped nerve in the top of my right leg also right ankle .. I do take gabaprentn for nerve pain and have done for years.. daily..I don't feel the nerve pain as much during the week now on the b12 jab.......Im so lucky i found this defiency as I was becomeing ..a recluse and not going out or doing anything... I felt like a magnet was pulling me down now I have more energy and am enjoying getting out again..mind you I asked for the blood tests to be done ..ie vitamin d and b12...I would probably just put up with it as I thought it was my ckd3 that was making me feel so rough....lilly

  • Hi suki 65... I asked my nurse who gave me my jab on Saturday ..what was the level she said 191....I don't no what this means..Also I was reading up on it and wondered if theres a difference between ....lacking b12..or not absorbing it ..If that makes any sense...she said im not absorbing it....do you no what this means...lilly...

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