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Interesting GFR results

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I thought I would share my latest results as I am surprised by how they have changed.

For the last 3 years my GFR has been 60, however during the last year I thought I would cut out meat except for fish most days and beef once in a while. I also came across some information saying that we should have salt in our diets, which I know I was having virtually none due to being told that it's no good for the kidneys. So my protein was cut in half at least, I drink about one and a half litres of water a day and I started putting Himalayan salt on my lunch and dinner.

That is all that has changed in the last year and my GFR has come back as 90 and my urea and protein levels have gone down and are in range. I am not advocating what I ve done I just wanted to share because I have been helped on this site in the past and just thought it might be of interest to someone here.


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Great you are being proactive and getting good eGFRs which show how your kidneys are filtering. It will pay off in the long run. I am observant also of other kidney related tests, primarily phosphorus, potassium, sodium.

I assume your Doctor knows of your diet.

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shawn68 in reply to orangecity41

No, to be honest I ve not shared it but i am seeing him Tuesday and will explain what I ve done regarding my diet.

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orangecity41 in reply to shawn68

You are welcome. That will be very helpful for you and your Doctor.

Hi Shawn.

Good news for you. I caution you that one reading does not make a cure. GFR can fluctuate. But hopefully you are going to stay there.

I caution you on adding salt, even pink salt to your food. It is impossible to eliminate salt completely from your diet and you do need some even with CKD. However, no one needs to add salt to their food after it is on their plate. It is necessary when cooking certain foods, but I have just about eliminated adding any to my cooking. I don't salt water to boil foods and I do use low salt products like stock broth or other condiments and seasonings. I use natural home grown herbs instead. I have to use some salt for baking because of the chemical reaction necessary.

Since your GFR at one point was down, I would hold off on adding the salt. Your taste buds will get used to it and it is better for so many reasons.

Let us know how your next reading comes out.

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shawn68 in reply to Bassetmommer

Hi Bassetmommer

I did wonder if the reading was a fluke and will still be cautious with my diet.

The reason I started adding salt was because I eat very little processed food which meant my intake was probably little more than zero salt for years and the fact I ve read numerous articles recently saying that salt is needed for the body and the kidneys. The other reason is a family member has diabetes, takes alot of medication that are supposed to damage the kidneys and always puts salt on his meals, has had perfect blood pressure all his life and his GFR is also 90. So last year because his lifestyle and health issues contradicted what is said about the kidneys along with what I d read/researched I thought I would try adding salt and cutting my protein by at least half.

These results are the outcome unless it's a fluke but I thought I d share it as I thought it was very interesting how after 3 years at 60 with just these small changes it's gone to 90 but as you said it might be a one off.....but I hope not !


How much sodium do you consume per day ?

Hi boon1

I have hardly any processed food so whatever I put on my lunch and evening meal which I don't measure.....for years prior to this I was not having any on meals and I ve read that can be bad for the body including the kidneys so hence the changes.


I too use some salt on food but not always and not much. Here in FL during the sweaty months I find I am losing salt in sweat and it makes me have muscle aches. Winter and less sweaty months I add little to no sodium to my food. I do not have high blodd pressure.

HI Shawn,

I do not think there is a correlation to adding salt and improving health condition unless you are sweating out salt like Melissa. When you said you were not getting any salt in your food because you do not eat processed foods is incorrect. There is salt in almost everything we consume including water. Just want people to be aware so that someone who is not educated on diet starts adding salt to their food.

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shawn68 in reply to Bassetmommer

I can only say what's happened over the last year for me.....and hope at least one person finds it helpful.

Congratulations, Shawn ! Sounds wonderful :)

Have you used amino acids, probiotics or other supplements in the last year?

I'm almost 80, at stage 3 for 3 years & want to ask my nephrologist about these next week ... My GFR has ranged from 54 to 59

Appreciate your input

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shawn68 in reply to newbie56

Thanks I haven't changed anything other than increased salt and reduced protein. I only mentioned this because I thought it might be useful to other people.'s amazing :)

Rinsing canned vegetables before using can decrease salt content by 40%..

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