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Frequency of lab tests


How frequently should I have my gfr checked? Does it depend on what stage I am in, and if so, can you provide those details too please?

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It depends on your stage.

If you are at stage 3, you normally have lab work twice a year.

Except you leak a lot of protein, then three times a year or even four times a year.

My GFR is 106, but I spill protein, so twice a year.

It may depend where you live. I am in the UK, Stage 3 and gfr 54 and have been advised to get it checked annually. Dr didn’t seem unduly concerned so I’m trying not to be either.

Gillybaby in reply to Redsong

Mine has dropped from 89 to 50 in 6mths , having another blood test in a month , im absolutely terrified!

Redsong in reply to Gillybaby

I know it’s easy to say but please try not to worry Gillybaby. They are monitoring you which is great and if necessary a plan can be put in place.

LorrieC in reply to Gillybaby

My egfr dropped from 59 to 40 after iv antibiotics.

Depends on a lot of factors but rate of decline is obviously an important one. I was diagnosed with CKD very late with only 18% kidney function and I had blood tests every two months once it was established that my decline was fairly slow. Once I got to less than 15% I had blood tests every month.

In my case it depended on when the CKD was found. When I first had one kidney removed, I was tested for 2 months in a row. Then 3 months. After 8 months, as the egfr remained in the same range (constant with a plus or minus of just 2 or 3 points each time), it was decided to go every 6 months. I am stage 3.

When first diagnosed, I was every three months for 12 months. Since I am stable, I will be going every 6 months, unless something changes. Both my personal physician and the nephrologist know that I have done much research and have a pretty good handle on how I want to handle my ckd. I am 77, stage 3, last draw gfr was 48 and creatinine 1.1. BUN was a little high, so I am thinking that I will go vegetarian diet. Doing my research now.

okay thanks. I was told--finally-every 3 months also. Meanwhile I have started taking an herbal supplement --a Free radical supplement. Not much into health food stuff, but after some research i fugured yeah, it can't hurt. I am 72, stage 3, gfr 52

Lilo1946 in reply to bootsboots

Hello bootsboots

I was told by my Endocrinologist in mid-July that my creatinine had been rising the past year and that he referred me to a nephrologist. My first

Appointment was on October 29. Before my appointment I did some research on CKD and using my lab results translated that I have CKD 3b.

When asking my nephrologist about which level I was she told me that we would know after my lab work results. She ordered 8 to 10 tests.

My appointment is this Monday and I will find out. I communicated with her

After receiving 2 results which were normal as to the other labs since I had not received any other results.

She responded that there were no surprises and that we will go over my

Results together on Monday.

While waiting for my appointment I made diet changes mainly watch my salt intake as well as drinking between 64 to 72 oz. water daily.

Sine I am a type 1 diabetic for 48 years I always had to watch my diet.

My blood pressure had been going up

Slowly so I believe that that may have been the main issue.

Well we’ll see on Monday what the deal is.

May I ask you the name of the Free radical supplement?

Thank you.


Thank you for the response I sure hope your tests do not reveal anything worrisome--more worrisome anyway. I am taking Bilberry Complex.

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