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Kidney transplant update


I am awaiting transplantation. I am not on the list yet but in the process. I have a gfr. Of 15.5 . I am lucky that I'm not on dialysis at the moment. I suffer from eplilpcy and I do weekly infusions called hizentra. I received my transplant from my mother 13 years ago June 2005. I was diagnosed with p Anca vasculitis as the disease that caused my kidneys to both go. As a young child I was treated with cytoxan,diyalisis and many other life saving drugs. My creatine is running around 4.1 to 3.85 right now . I am on the border of diyalisis and learning all about the options again, sense I was such a little girl last time I was on it. I had a potential donor lined up, but it ended up not working out cause we're not the same blood type. I am suffering from severe anemia and will potentially need a blood transfusion. As I am having weakness all over , and pain in my legs in arms . I'm awaiting results to that blood test

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marcycNKF Peer Mentor

You are a very strong person to have endured all of this. I am sending you prayers for finding a donor and finding some peace in your life. My husband was very high risk when he was transplanted. I was his donor. He is doing well, but always a challenge. Some times you just have to make it through the day.

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