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Kidney Dialysis
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My Life

My Life

Hi my name is Faithkmj...I received a kidney Transplant. I have my New Kidney for 2 Years now.

This is my second Kidney, n I'm Truly Blessed to have received another one. I went on the list for 10 yrs. And when I received my first Kidney I did get it in 5 yrs. I did Hemo Dialysis for 5 yrs. And I had the Kidney for 8 1/2 yrs. until it fail on me. I tried to hang on there n keep my Kidney but, the doctors said it was far gone after they kept working with it n trying to save my Kidney. But that's when I went back on Hemo Dialysis for 2 yrs. n then I went on Peritoneal Dialysis for 8 yrs. I think deep in my heart Peritoneal was best for me. But I started getting tired of doing to Peritoneal. N not receiving NO PHONE CALLS AT ALL, so I had to get down on my knees n pray pray n pray n wait with in a week I received a phone call n that was the nurse calling for me telling me they had a Kidney Transplant for me. So, Yes I think God n I believe.. I have Faith even though U may not see what God has for U but, Believe n U will be alright. I have suffered n been threw it all on Hemo Dialysis n having to deal with getting the clots out of my arm on Hemo. Dialysis...it's not easy at all. I differently had trouble but I kept the faith in the Lord n that gives me hope. God Bless whoever read this!

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Hi Faithkmj, thank you for sharing your journey and for your encouragement. You look great by the way. enjoy your kidney darling.

God bless you too.

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Hi Faithkmj. Sounds like my story. I had 2 transplants & now back on hemodialysis & working on getting back on the list. I am very spiritual & believe God is keeping me here for a reason. You look fantastic and God Bless you for sharing your story. It gives me stronger hope that a 3rd transplant will happen. Stay strong and take care.


You look fabulous!


You're an inspiration! I've been on Peritoneal for a year & 1/2 - on hemo for a week due to emergency complications with PD cath. Then back to PD again. My only problem is that I have type 2 diabetes and I've gained 25# from the solutions absorbing into me. My PD nurse said it's like eating candy bars. Well - OK, I'm gaining weight but not enjoying those candy bars!! Haven't had one in quite a while! So, we have a decision to make on whether I want to stay on PD or switch to Hemo where the weight will come off and my diabetes will be under better control, but I know I won't feel as well as I do with PD. So, I'll pray for guidance and keep on, keeping on! Good Luck with your 2nd kidney!


Keep praying!!

God will lead you for the best treatment for your overall health!

Perhaps you could try home hemo. this method requires more days, but less hours and you feel so much better. This method is not for everyone, but if you have a committed caregiver to aid you with the needle cannulation, then you can again be in your home and more independence! Ask you health care team if you can try this modality.

Take care of yourself f!!


Keep the Faith!!

The Lord will lead you to the right decisions, because He Loves You!!


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