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So after 8 long years of doing in Center hemo I finally got a kidney transplant on December 2nd of this year. I am so excited. Now I am having to do the complete opposite of what I was doing and used to as it pertains to my phosphorus. At the present time my phosphorus is 1.7 and they want it to be 2.5 to 4.7 and so they are forcing me to eat cheese,milk ,yogurt, Dairy things, but I'm struggling to get my numbers up. So they have given me a pill to try and help.

So I just want to encourage everyone who is waiting on their gift, stand on faith, stay positive, constant prayers... And always remember giving up is never an option. Don't give up and don't give in. Be blessed and take care.

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  • Congratulations!!!!!!

  • Thank u

  • Congratulations, nuts, cottage cheese, chocolate, orange juice, chilireanos, I miss it so enjoy.

  • Thank u... And I will try those suggestions

  • So happy for you TamekaS. I am trying to get on the list for a 3rd transplant but dialysis is taking its toll on me. I love your last paragraph but lately my faith is faultering, I pray & talk to God all the time & try so hard to be positive but I've been sick all my life & if I get turned down again for the list I am considering stopping dialysis & take it from there. The only thing I disagree with your paragraph is giving up is not an option. I feel I lived a good life & if another transplant is not in this part of my journey then I feel I don't want to suffer anymore thru the tourter of dialysis just to stay a live I will give a great deal of thinking & praying on stopping dialysis. That is a choice someone should have but you have to really truly give great thought on a big desicion on it. I haven't posted lately & sorry if I said something wrong. Again congrats on your new life. Prayers to all.

  • Thank you I appreciate that. And the why do understand that people have to make a choice according to life problems concerns issues just whatever someone could be facing I understand that people have options but I believe my thought is that you have family and friends and just to decide to check out on life is one of the greatest decisions any person would ever make and so it's definitely not something that you enter into lightly but I try to give people just that second of thought when I say that giving up giving up is not an option some people give up out of frustration and personally I don't think that's a good reason to give up. I most definitely understand about the faltering with faith. There has been many times where I would ask God why or I would say to him this could not possibly be what you want for the rest of my life. So I tried to encourage myself encourage others to not make drastic decisions cuz honestly I feel like if I didn't have kids or grandkids I would have just said in my room and whatever happened would have happened but then I would think of how selfish I would be. I thank you for sharing your words with me. My prayers are with you my heart goes out to you.

  • Thank you. It's not an easy desicion. Just a quick up date. I have no kids or a significant other. My sister has been helping me but we are two different people & her negativity after 2yrs is really getting on my nerves. I was sooo independent & living a good life before my health started to change & I have it all documented how my nephrologist did not take care of me. He kept passing the buck to something else like depression or thyroid problem. My sister found me litterly dying on my couch because I got so septic & bad. I'm 56, 3foot 11inches tall. I have been on prednisone most of my life which caused bone problems. Have had skin cancers removed. From getting so sick I lost a lot of muscle in my legs which will not come back. I've been made fun of (talk about bulling) every time I left my house. I can go on & on but I won't. If I decide to stop dialysis it will be because I lived my life. I appreciate all the support here & here is where I have to vent & cry for right now. This is a great support site. To get some support for CKD this is the place. Thank you all & prayers to all who have CKD. You are not alone.

  • That breaks my heart to read this. I'm so sorry for ur pain, hurt... There are no words. Know that I'm I'm here whenever u want to talk or vent. Continuous prayers for u. Our trials are a testimony to our lives, it helps others, and sometimes this helps to make us stronger and unload... Again my prayers are with u and remember I'm always here. 😘

  • Do you mind that I ask do you have high antibodies that you had two transplants already? I had one transplant and two or three blood transfusions now i got high antibodies they wanted me to go through desensitization that's to lower my whole body immune.

  • After my first transplant failed, I ended up with high antibodies. They did treatments to desensitize me but it didn't work, so I was on the list 8 years before they found a match for me, my antibodies were almost non existent after this transplant, which is my second one, but in my 3rd week they were concerned about rejection so they are treating me for that, to reverse any affects. They said they were surprised because usually signs of rejection shows up in the first 7 days and I was at week 3.

  • I understand the frustration, the fighting. My prayers are with you and your choice is important, but you should talk to a social worker and your team who cares for you. Praying helps, also live a little do something you enjoy, I love to go to the river for example.

  • Thank u...I been doing everything except ur last suggested. Maybe I do need to get out, 🤔... Thank u

  • Life is crazy I had so many confused feelings and emotions through the years, you are not the only one who questioned your life, I over heard a sergon say that their was no place left available for dialysis to a patient loved ones so we are blessed with this opportunity. You may not be aware how pleasure and pain are connected. So I'm trying to say live find love and hope. Life isn't perfect but it is great when you look beyond the illness.

  • Thank u for ur encouraging words

  • Congrats on your transplant! So glad you're doing OK. Hoping your phosphorus levels rise; I'm sure they will. Thanks also for encouragement and sharing your story with us. Helps the rest of us to stay positive. Take Care

  • Thank u and thank u. ☺️☺️

  • yyaayy !! Congratulations Tameka that is awesome !! My husband will be pleased to hear this good news. Praise God !! Is dairy the only way you can get your phos up ? There are other foods that are pretty high in phos you could start implementing I'm sure. You've had to keep dairy to a minimum for a long time.. Just my thoughts. But congrats again !! 🎉🙌❤ .

  • Thank u so much... So not having Dairy 8 years to them wanting me to just jump right hasn't been an easy start... But lots of cheese, milk, yogurt, peanuts, dark soda is what they want me to push. I will be 3 weeks out from surgery on tomorrow. Going to keep pushing ☺️ thank u again appreciate u reaching out.

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