Kidney Dialysis
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Become you own best transplant advocate

Become you own best transplant advocate

I'm a preemptive (live-donor) transplant recipient living my best life ever and this is what I hope for you. I'm known as a "Positive Disrupter" and I'm on a mission to inspire eligible kidney patients to bypass dialysis (or become dialysis-free) by proactively advancing live-donor transplant opportunities.

As the founder of the TransplantFirst Academy, a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to empowering kidney patients, I engage with the kidney community as a motivational speaker, mentor, coach and author of "In Pursuit of a Better Life: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Living Kidney Donors."

Tap on my shoulder if you've been waiting months or even years for a transplant and are now ready to put your intentions to work and empower your outreach process.

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