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Kidney blood test worried

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Hello, I am really worried about my blood test results, creatinine is 134 umol/l and eGFR is only 38, my sodium is high and my calcium and corrected calcium are low,urea is normal, I had the 1st dose of covid vaccine 3 weeks ago and I have been feeling very tired, not sure whether it's related. My last blood test was last August and my Creatinine was 67 and my eGFR 90. Its been a nightmare to get an appointment with my doctor, do any of you know whether this numbers fluctuates ? Everywhere I look it says stage 3 CKD. Thank you.

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Here is a link to information on levels of CKD from National Kidney Foundation. eGFR can fluctuate. You have come to a good forum for sharing information and support.

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Nela17 in reply to orangecity41

Thank you very much for the link, I will have a look.👍

Such a drastic difference in eGFR merits further investigation for sure before labeling yourself as having CKD.

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Nela17 in reply to Marvin8

Thank you Marvin, I am trying to get an appointment with my doctor, I live in the UK and has been a real nightmare to get one after the lockdown, I had to pay privately for this test. You are right . Thanks.

I’m in stage IV/V CKD. (There has been a modest improvement in my data over the past 6 months so I’m now technically in the bottom third of Stage IV… I’m not sure that will hold though.)

I had both COVID injections this past winter (Feb and March). Absolutely no negative impact on my renal panel data; in fact, a modest improvement in my data during that time. So, I’d be surprised if your data change is injection related. But you should talk with your primary care physician about that.

Given this big change in your renal data I’d definitely request a referral to a nephrologist. If nothing else, you’ll have some baseline data for comparison over time. And, it would be good to get expert guidance on what to do to assure that your kidneys bounce back up. I definitely wish I’d have been more proactive with my renal data much earlier. Self advocacy is needed with situations like this.


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Nela17 in reply to Jayhawker

Thanks, Jayhawker. I had the Pfizer vaccine, probably nothing to do with the vaccine as you say, but really needs investigating, it's a massive drop in eGFR in less than a year, here in the UK we have been in lockdown for a few months due to covid and the health service has got a big backlog, I am trying to get an appointment with a doctor, hope to get one tomorrow. Thank you.

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Jayhawker in reply to Nela17

I received the Pfizer too. We’re just coming out of lockdown since March of 2020 so I definitely understand how difficult it is to get doctors’ appointments. I’ve been going in for monthly transplant labs as well as other labs throughout lockdown. It was definitely challenging to say the least.

Keeping my 🤞 for you🐶


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I am for both of you.🤞🤞

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Nela17 in reply to Bet117

Thank you🤞

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Gosh, none needed. In your corner! 😊🤞

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Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to Jayhawker

Totally agree, Jayhawker!

1. Every tests is a snapshot of your condition at a specific range of time (day, weeks at most). They are affected by a lot of factors - food you ate, stress level, exercise regimen, etc during that period.2. Diagnosis of kidney disease requires a few barometer- eGFR, creatinine, albumin, protein urea, etc. and other tests of conditions you have - HBP, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. They have to be taken in totality.

3. It also requires series ot tests over a period of time. This is to chart a trend. This will determine results specific to you.

4. And it requires a good Nephrologist to interpret and provide you with all the answers you have.

5. Finally, please use our advices and information to guide you with questions you may not have asked. However, these advices and information are specific to our conditions, experience and what we read or researched. We are not kidney disease expert - your Nephrologist team is the one you should trust (provided you are comfortable already with him). Nevertheless, trust but verify - continue researching to guide you to the right questions to ask.

Take care. Be well.

Thank you so much for your response, it's really good coming to this forum while I wait for a doctor appointment, I am learning a lot of things I didn't know. I have HBP, too.

Glad that you got your appointment. The evaluation by your nephrologist will allow you to deal with your condition in the best possible way and give you peace of mind.

Nobody can say yes or no because there are no scientific study behind. However my wife had similar behaviour after Pfizer. You can imagine how scared it was. Talking with many different Doctors majority says we cannot exclude correlation. I would suggest to repeat blood work in 2/3 weeks and really wish you same good surprise. All the best

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Nela17 in reply to Tolmezzo

Hello Tolmezzo, thank you for your response, agree with you, it cannot be rolled out, I will mention it to my doctor, too. How is your wife doing? I hope she is alright. Take care

Much more better now..👍 Thanks

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