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Kidney Transplant Waitlist

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I met one patient at dialysis clinic couple years ago. I saw him did quick treatment just couple months then disappear. I asked tech where was he. Tech said that guy got the kidneys. He was judge in downtown. He had premium health ins.

That was lied that you have to wait 7 to 10 years on waiting list no matter who you are to get kidneys transplant. This guy did dialysis for three months and got the kidneys.

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At least in the United States, there are so many variables that are indicative of the speed of which you do receive a kidney.

Due to having a previous bought with cancer, I should have waited over five years for a kidney. From the time I reached ESRD to my transplant was just over a year. What changed?

1. I went to a different transplant center.

2. I had a living donor — this is a big one.

3. My cancer was stage 1 and I was in fairly good health.

I met a fella at the transplant center who had been on dialysis for five or six years. He asked “how I received my kidney so fast.”

I think the big one was having a living donor.

I’ll send positive vibes your way.

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He may have been on the list longer than you think. I am not right now eligible for transplant because of my weight and another issue. They are both being worked on. But because otherwise I am cleared for transplant. My time is ticking down for transplant, which is 6 years, unless tomorrow I can bring in a live donor. Then I am good to go. Not fair, but there it is. I am inactive but they are counting down as being active. You never know someone's situation so don't start a rumor.

Hello. It is so frustrating waiting for a kidney transplant. The wait for a deceased kidney donor is very long depending on your overall health (if you have to undergo additional procedures, etc.), blood type and the location of your region (in the US). However, if someone is fortunate enough to have a living donor, the wait for the transplant is significantly shorter. It is probably very likely that this person had a living donor. I hope you receive your kidney soon.

My cousin sister in Chicago ( USA) is on dialysis for over 10 years. I had asked her husband one time and he said wait list is 5 years for transplant.

Some times in India, you find a donor ( live) within 6

months. Some poor people donate one kidney for money.

Problem is some matching criteria. And have to do transplant within 24 hours ?

Maybe he found a donor. I was on list for 4 years then found a donor

Also in the US there is a point system. I was at the top but never got called for a deceased donor and due to my size I could even have baby’s kidneys

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Darlenia in reply to Bunkin

Sad. My husband, on the transplant waitlist, wryly says he's an ATM for the medical world including the transplant center. Hubby is in good health, has great insurance, and also qualifies for infant kidneys as well as Hep C kidneys. But he's 71. So what's really the chance he gets one? I s'pose we, too, will never really figure out the allocation and delegation process.

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Bunkin in reply to Darlenia

Yeah it’s crazy

It may have come from a personal donor

Hi Jumbo1. I'm in the UK , started dialysis June 2019 & called during dialising to go to Cambridge (Addenbrooke's) Hospital by 8pm, 25th Feb 2020 , everything was so surreal !The conversations & forms my husband had were very deep & up front scary, but I decided to 'take' a kidney from whatever the professors thought suitable (Addenbrooke's go to the enth degree of testing)., however long the wait. The Hospital has an excellent reputation & I felt 'confident' as Cambridge is one of the best in the UK. I am extremely lucky to have been considered fit & healthy enough for a GIFT, all the tests were worth it.. Sadly no-one can say how long is a piece of string., & the highs & lows are seriously tough, but talk to your renal team, they want you to win this battle & are fighting for you too. Take care & stay safe.

Wish you good luck accepting new organ. I'm not native in US and blood type is hard to find type. No luck for me.

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