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Is your GFR in the tank from a creatinine test?


I have been dealing with high creatinine 1.7-1.8 for years (am a body builder). My doctor basically said I'm in stage 3 kidney failure which induced plenty of stress. I decided to pay extra to get the more sensitive cyastatin-C test which isn't based on muscle breakdown of creatine into creatinine which can cause false readings and diagnosis. Turns out my GFR is 94 and my kidneys are perfectly healthy. Get this test if your eGFR comes out bad. It will save you lots of stress.

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Good for you!👍

orangecity41NKF Ambassador

There are other bloodwork test results that may be considered in the diagnosis of CKD. Keep track of any change in your eGFR test results in the future.

The cystatin-C test is usually used to confirm CKD in older folks who usually lose kidney function as they age.As OC stated there are other tests that are used to diagnose CKD, and they are GFR, Serum Creatinine (sCr), Albumin to Creatinine Ratio (ACR), and Blood Urea Nitrogen B.U.N.). Has your physician run those tests and how did you do with those results?

A GFR of 94 is Stage 1. Not bad, but if you are younger than 60 you really should have those other tests run and then speak to your nephrologist or a knowledgeable PCP and find out if you should be cutting back on the body building and protein intake. Your choice. It could be an early warning for caution.

Fatbuddy in reply to Mr_Kidney

I thought eGFR of 75 or higher is good.I have NO idea were you start stage 1 //

Lato12 in reply to Fatbuddy

Most of the time, an eGFR of 90 or greater means your kidneys are healthy and working well, unless you have other signs of kidney damage (e.g. blood or protein in urine etc). In this case, even if your eGFR is 90 or greater, you might be diagnosed with CKD stage 1 (further tests are needed though). That's how it works in the UK. It might be different in the US.

Mr_Kidney in reply to Fatbuddy

I've included a link to the information for you on the stages of CKD. I hope this helps.

Mathiasnoz in reply to Mr_Kidney

I didn’t think you were supposed to make a diagnosis on this site. Stage 1 is a diagnosis. That said, stage 1 is only if you have protein in your urine or some other indicator of kidney disfunction. Egfr alone cannot diagnose stage 1 ckd.

I totally agree with you from my personal experience. Though I am not a great body builder but I have been going to gym since last 30 years.I am 73 and my creatinine has been around 1.75.Cystitis is ok

So I presume that people like us should not get stressed out.forgot to mention that all my other parameters are normal

My experience is similar. My creatinine based eGFR is 65 yet my cystatin-c based eGFR is 107. All other tests; Albumin to Creatinine Ratio (ACR), Blood Urea Nitrogen B.U.N.), kidney scan are perfectly fine. No one can tell me why my creatine is high (I'm not a body builder and I'm vegetarian). I've felt anxious about my health since the initial blood test showing high creatinine. All the best to you.

Congratulations swing guru and thank you for that info:

I’m in the uk, aged 39, male, white, ex-Athelstan, working high stress job with now very poor lifestyle habits over the last 5 years. Creatinine now 92 (down from 109 by hydration, exercise and diet). I asked for this test from the GP and he refused (too expensive) and he refused a 24 hour urine collection. Very annoying! Getting an ultrasound was a struggle - awaiting appointment - British GP’s tend to conceive anything above egfr 60 is normal. This is clearly not the case - mine has fortunately and thankfully gone up from 66 to 79 (very pleased but still concerned) particularly in light of the fact that it should be >90 and more realistically at 109 for my age. Previous reading 7 years ago showed I had this level of eGFR.The cyststin c test would appear to be a useful and vital diagnostic test for young patients with unexpectedly high creatinine. Is there a way of accessing this test in the uk?

Hope all is well

Lato12 in reply to Bluerain1

Hi Bluerain1. I don't think there is a way of accessing this test in the UK. I had to pay for mine.

Ex-athlete in my 20’s sorry

Hey there, SwingGuru! Wow! I’m so happy to hear that your GFR is 94! I imagine that would be quite a stress reliever. Lol! That’s awesome! It’s always nice to hear good news! It’s a good thing you requested the Cystatin-C test. All my best to you. God bless. 😊👍👍✌️


“A gfr of 94 is stage 1” Your exact words. my comprehension is perfect. You need to say “possible stage 1”. You need to not scare people unnecessarily.

Mr_Kidney in reply to Mathiasnoz

Based on the chart I provided that was/is correct. Even without a diagnosis of CKD by a physician, a GFR of 94 would be stage 1 and that person might never go to stage 2 and receive a diagnosis for CKD. GFR does decline with age and the person may not have CKD ever. Information was given, not a diagnosis. There is a difference! Have a good day.

Mathiasnoz in reply to Mr_Kidney

Stage 1 is only valid if they have other indications of kidney disfunction. The author has indicated nothing else is unusual. Telling him that his number indicates stage 1 is misleading at best, Downright false at the worst.

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