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Kidney Disease
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Need I be concerned?

I have a question. The last 3 years my Creatinine have been increasing and my eGFR rate has been going down..60..56..and this past week bloodwork 54...I am 90% vegetarian. So my question why isn't my Doctor concerned & why hasn't she order a urine test for protein?...I am on BP meds for over 10 years & sometimes its out of control...her concern..I am 64 female..not over weight..dont smoke...Creatinine 1.8..Need I be concerned? Thank you anyone for advise...

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Yes, you should be concerned. It's your health. Many people have complained of too many doctors who tell them not to be concerned, and not to worry. Including me. What I'm going to suggest are just things that I did. You'll have to decide what's in your best interests.

Tell you DR. what you want to be done. If they refuse, find a new PCP. See a Urologist and have a full urine panel run. They are specialists and will give you a broad explanation of your lab values. Based on your GFR you are in the early stages of CKD. If you are more comfortable seeing a Nephrologist then find one and make an appointment. Also, a Renal Dietitian would be a good step for you to see, bring your lab values, and then work with the RD to adjust your meal plan to take care of non-kidney-friendly meals.

Having mentioned that you are dealing with High Blood Pressure, you should already be on a low-sodium diet. Try going to davita.com for recipes to help you control the CKD and stay healthier longer. While at their site you can look for a Kidney Smart class in your area that will answer many of your questions and provide you with enough information to be able to ask intelligent questions at every visit you have.

I also use labtestonline.org as a resource for understanding all blood and urine labs. The more you learn about your health issues the better you are at slowing down the decrease in your health issues.

Use drugs.com to help you check your current and future medications and dosages to ensure that they are not contributing to your CKD. Also, if you take any supplements, run them past your doctors and remember, there is no cure for CKD. There are certain things to take for other health issues. I take AREDS 2 for AMD, and Melatonin to help with sleep and Vitamins for a balanced approach. All approved or recommended by doctors I trust. In my opinion, the rest of the supplemental market is questionable.

Without overwhelming you any further, relax and take charge of your health. Put together a care team of doctors, dietitians, and other supports that acknowledge you are the decision maker and they are the ones to provide the medical you need to take control and make informed choices. This is a great site for getting help and support so come back here often and most of all, do as much research as you can to improve your knowledge.


Very well stated Mr Kidney. It is important to follow your blood work and be pro-active for your health.

Have a happy and healthy 2018.


Same to you and yours, sir. Stay safe.


Thanks Mr_Kidney for the two web sites: labtestonline.org and drugs.com. I'm not a doctor. My understanding is that a healthy teenager might have a GFR of 100, or even slightly above that. The GFR of healthy adults generally declines with age. I'm 78, and if I had both kidneys, my GFR would be in the 50-60 range. When one kidney was removed due to cancer, my GFR fell to 27-29. I follow a renal diet supplied by DaVita, plus regular exercise at the YMCA.

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Not only does it decline with age but the medications anyone takes and the dosages are another cause of the roller-coaster GFR. Something else I recently learned is that the GFR can fluctuate a bit with the onset of winter and the cold and flu season. Medications and home remedies can also have an adverse effect. Just something else to think about.


I live in Australia & was interested in talking to other people with the same issues so we can perhaps support one another.

Hi! I am new to this community & am stage 3 kidney disease. I worked this out by putting in my stats into an internet calculator. My doctors have told me nothing so I decided to do my own research with my blood results. I would be concerned if your gfr keeps falling & creatinine is increasing. It is great you are 90% vegetarian. I found a book you can get online free by Lee Hull called "stopping kidney disease" & I highly recommend it. It can be hard to read at times because of scientific terms , but a general understanding is all we need and the conclusion at the end of each chapter helps us lay people to get the message. and As I said, I am new to all this myself so I am still reading his book but as a result I have gone 99% vegan! the 1 percent is egg whites. I asked my doctor for the protein test. It was ok for now. Then I asked for renal dietician appointment. That is the next thing. I hope this helps xo

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In adults, the normal GFR number is more than 90. GFR declines with age, even in people without kidney disease. To learn more about GFR and see a chart for average estimated GFR based on age visit: kidney.org/atoz/content/gfr


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