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Seeking a salt substitute


Since I went on a low sodium diet due to heart failure and kidney disease, I have been searching for a salt substitute that I like, while avoiding anything with chemical content. I have tried Mrs. Dash table blend, etc., and it's okay but not real satisfactory for me. The best so far appears to be Dak, Green Zest, but I was hoping you all could share what perhaps you use and I would be able to make some comparisons. I continue to appreciate this community and the freedom to ask questions and your willingness to share.

Thank you,


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I never use any added salt. Instead, I use a variety of herbs and spices to add flavor. Trial and error was my best approach.

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I also use a combo of herbs and spices, especially garlic and lemon juice or lemon pepper. You can also find granulated lemon powder at the grocery store. Mediterranean dishes are great for many diseases, especially heart disease.

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Thank you so much Tissybell. That was very helpful.


Who told you to cut salt ?

I had a heart failure 15 months ago --doctor has not told me. I also have a defibrilator implanted.

Any way --why even need salt.

You cut down slowly and get used to taste.

Like other responses, you can add herbal spices

If you have Indian grocery store,, get chat masala for

sprinkling on fruits or salads -- and subji masala or Garam Masala for vegetables and soups ( daal )

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Thanks for the suggestions. My cardiologist told me to go on a low sodium diet since a lower functioning heart has a tendency to cause your body to retain more fluid, putting more pressure on your heart and he told me the sodium will also add to fluid retention with potentially negative implications.

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Are you in UK or USA ?

Yes --here they also gave me a water pill --to prevent fluid buildup in lungs and heart.

Regardless -- i dont use much salt or sugar in cooking.

Check what is low sodium

Take 1/2 cup salt you are using daily--then measure how many teaspoon is that -- then keep that cup outside and see how many days it will last

Then slowly cut portions

and use less and less salt ---after six to eight weeks --you use less salt, so that same half cup will last twice as many days.

In otherwords --you use 50% less salt

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Hello --just checked your profile.

A**** did you have diabetes for long time ?

B**** did you have a heart

failure or heart attack ?

C*** what was your ej

factor when discharged ?

D**** kidney --not related to age. You are too young. I am 74 and my eGfr is 72.

E**** kidney problem may be related to uncontrolled diabetes.

What did doctor say the cause of kidney weakness ?

F**** check out Davita

clinic near you --take

some classes to prevent

further damage to kdney.

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No diabetes. No heart disease. Heart failure with intial 20% EJ, now 40%. Doc said could have been cause by virus and then heart could have cause kidney issue with less blood. No protein in urine so no kidney damage. Taking cardiac rehab and walking 3 miles most days. Thanks for your intest.


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Very unusual. Virus caused

heart failure. Ej -- 20 % and

No defibrilator --surprised.

You doing good --40% in 4 months is really great.

Good luck.

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Thanks Fatbuddy. I appreciate your affirmation. Hope you are doing well.


I use Benson's Table Tasty and it's wonderful. No potassium or potassium chloride. It's a combination of many spices used make a salt free product - spices I would have to combine myself to make a suitable blend. Timesaver for sure. Love the stuff!

Thanks gshelton. I will try it. Is it in most grocery stores or can I purchase on line?


No, not in stores. or the price is the same on both sites, except if you are Amazon Prime there is no charge for postage. I am end stage kidney disease, and I swear by Benson's spices, especially Table Tasty.

I’m no expert,can you use pink sea salt,I know it’s better than ordinary salt but I don’t know if it’s all right for you. Just a suggestion.

If pink salt has sodium or potassium, you're not doing yourself any favors.


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HI Aidancree,

Learning to eat without sat sometimes takes time, especially if you were a heavy salt eater before. Ask your doctor or a nutritionist exactly how much salt you are allowed. You need some and you cannot truly get away from salt. It is in everything. Then track your food on a food tracker and see how much you are consuming. You might be surprised that you can have some added salt. As someone who cooks, certain foods need salt for a chemical reaction. But I do not add it just for flavor.

Stay away from packaged foods, canned and frozen meals.

I use as much fresh herbs as I can on food. I am lucky to have space to grow them outdoors and then I actually bring them in to a sunny room in the winter. Some grocery stores also sell fresh herbs. I harvest my herbs and then freeze them. I make ice cubes with herbs in them such as basil and chives. I add those herb bombs to stews and soups and sauces. The difference in the taste of fresh herbs is amazing.

Adding heat sometimes can mask less salt, so adding hot spices, or fresh hot peppers can help. I have a spicy oregano that is great. Try using more black pepper as a regular addition too. For salads, I use a vinegar spray to spritz that adds a nice bite and helps with less salt. Its good on veggies too.

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Thanks for the good ideas. If do use can goods with low sodium, do wash them. Also there is iodized salt and sea salt. In my CKD diet am allowed some salt.

Thanks much. Some good ideas. I found Organic Vinaigrette Rose at Trader Joe's in a 12 oz bottle with 8.0 mg sodium per two tablespoons which I find very good as a salad dressing

My cabinets are full of very spice you can imagine! (Except salt) I started putting garlic powder on almost everything. You should just stock up on a bunch of spices and try them all out and before you know it, you won’t even care for salt anymore. At least that’s my experience!

My best advice is to track your sodium consumption. I rarely cooked with processed or canned goods even before I was diagnosed with CKD. My nephrologist gave me a daily range for sodium intake. I put the low end of that amount in a little container and use it throughout the day in my cooking and to season the finished dish. Of course I add in to my count any naturally occurring sodium in foods. As mentioned above, I cook using other spices and herbs. When my sodium count reaches my mid-range, that's it for the day. There are many easy ways to track your food counts. I use the My Fitness Pal app.

Thanks much.

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