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First visit with nephrologist


So today I had my first visit with the nephrologist. Before I get to that here is what has been going on.

My regular doctor referred me because my routine labs showed 44. Now my previous doctor just told me to drink more water and that was it. Well doctor #2 said to drink water and recheck in 2 weeks. I did and it went to 47. She still wanted me to see someone so now I start stressing out, searching the internet about kidney disease, and guzzling water like a camel. Also giving up my favorite foods including my daily banana smoothies. And switched from Excedrin to Tylenol.

Fast forward to my appt today. The doctor was so kind and we talked for nearly an hour. She reviewed my previous labs and said everything else seemed to be in good range or not too far off. My potassium was great so YAY banana smoothies again! She switched my Lisinopril with diuretic to just plain old Lisinopril. Thinks that possibly I am dehydrated. So after starting my new med I will do the 24 hr urine test in a couple of weeks plus new labs. She seems to think it will make a difference.

So I am feeling more positive. Still making changes though.

Question...has anyone had similar problems possibly caused by meds or OTC pain relievers.

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Not taking NSAID's is a wise move. Switching to Tylenol and not overdoing that is a wise move. Excessive use of even Tylenol can lead to liver issues so be wise in taking it.

Be prepared for potassium increases so you might want to make the smoothies less than a daily thing.

To learn about foods and CKD, ask your nephrologist for a referral to a Renal Dietitian. Bring your last years' worth of lab values with you and help design a kidney-friendly meal plan designed for you.

You can also register for a free, 90-minute Kidney Smart class in your area. Lots of information and resources will be made available. Register at

To help you with your medications, I'd suggest going to register for a free account. You can enter all of your medications and see if there are any issues with the meds and your health issues. You can also check on any meds your physicians want to prescribe on the app before you go to the expense of filling it and finding it to be an issue with your kidneys or other medications. Be sure that at each doctor's appointment you provide each of your physicians with an up to date list of all of your medications, including any supplements and OTC meds.

The more you learn the more you'll feel less stress and be able to deal with health issues, as they arise.

Best of luck.

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Hi Astrogrl,

So delighted to hear that your nephrology appointment was positive and that you have found a great doctor.

Mr._ Kidney has given you a great start and good advice.

As far as the 24 hour urine test; honestly, your nephrologist is being very thorough which is what you want.

The 24 hour catch is considered to be " the gold seal marker" among nephrologists as it shows an average of each area as opposed to one sample.

My nephrologist ordered this after our first meeting and found a huge disconnect between my spot sample in the lab, the additional in his office and the 24 hour catch; the 24 yielding in his opinion more accurate results. So, in my case it has become a routine part of my check up.

Hydration and other factors such as a cold, etc play a role in test results.

Go forward..think positive and let us know how you are doing!


I too was on lisinopril and coreg for bp and lasix twice a day. My labs went crazy. Even though I was drinking almost all water my labs continued to get worse. We discontinued one of the lasix and my labs improved. After a little tweeking of the lisinopril my labs got much better and bp is great.

I hope this helps. Sounds like you found a great doctor.

Kidney disease can be something to fret and worry about, or you can just listen to your excellent doctor and live with the disease. For me I found that the only medication I needed was following a "Kidney DIET!!" My creatinin was 5.4 when I first saw my nephrologist, then I also saw a kidney dietitian and 3 months later my creatinin was down to 3.7! That is how much your daily food intake changes the disease. This is not a weight loss diet, rather we restrict almost all of our Sodium, Potassium, and Phosphates. Your nephrologist should tell you how much water you should drink (according to your stage, weight and age). Each of us have different amounts. I cut out all bananas, tomatoes (ketchup), oranges (or juice), and potatoes (chips and fries) because of high potassium. I no longer eat processed meats (bacon, sausage, sliced lunch meats) I stick with chicken and fish now. No canned foods, because of sodium and Phosphate preservatives. The closer I follow my diet the less likely I will loose my kidneys. It is strange how in a short time I have cut out the bad foods when I cook and order food out, it becomes second nature. We all are rooting for you and ask us any question you think of. Be patient and do not stress.

good for you and thanks for letting us know how it is going.

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