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Please help Explain my results Ovarian Issues not really sure what to make of it


So I don’t really know if I have kidney disorder but I just went to Er today and they found a cyst on my ovary I have had surgery before to remove a cyst but I have been having chronic uti discomfort cloudy urine and smell no std no pregnancy I do have a kidney stone constant pain weight loss cough discomfort with intercourse but I have these test results and I was just curious if anyone could explain them to me and if they look ok cuz all I keep hearing is go to PC or gynecology Specialist I Made an appointment but if anyone could be helpful that’d be great thank u posting rest of results also I’m new to the site

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A cyst on your ovary could cause your symptoms. For more information and experiences from other women it may be an idea to join the Endometriosis UK group on here. There will be quite a few women on there whom can tell you what action you should take as cysts can come back and there could be an underlying problem especially with the intercourse discomfort and the UTI if you get that recurrently.

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We do not diagnose as we are not qualified. According to your lab picture, the values for your kidney function are within a normal range. Try the suggested site mentioned by faraziya.

If you want a general understanding of what the tests are and what they mean, may I suggest you use the link below. It will explain to you in lay terms what each test is for, what the results may mean and provide you with the questions to ask your physician at your next appointment. It should answer many other questions that will help you understand what the tests will tell the doctor and ease your concern. Once you open the link go to the tab marked Tests, and then Test Index and you'll see an alphabetical listing for the common names of each test. It will give you an average range of normal but your doctor's lab may use a slightly different range. At the very least you'll be better off and have a good understanding of what the tests mean.

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