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Kidney Disease
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Stage 4 CKD

Hi all, it's been A year I got to know that I hv stage 4 CKD ...that I hv pretty much accepted, I doing fine..no pain ,no symptoms as such but having a problem of haifall ..I don't know whether it s related to my condition or not...I want to know about spot urine protein / creatinine ratio importance and also my PTH is also high this time...what does it mean??

What to eat now n and how much..TIA

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Hi Vishu,

You should discuss your diagnosis with your doctor. There are many factors to be considered and we do not diagnose on this site. Your hair situation could be caused by many factors also, and without knowing your total history, like your doctor would, I cannot even suggest.

You should be seeing a nephrologist, or a kidney specialist. Also see if you can see a renal dietician. Again, all things need to be tailored to your specificity and requirements.

But for now, take a look at the information in the topic list to the right side of this site. Under there you will see a lot of discussions about diet.

Good luck and come back with specific questions.

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Thanx a lot...😊



Just like you, I have also accepted that I have reached ckd stage 4.

Last blood test in September showed gfr of 28.

I am a also not experiencing many symptoms except occasional fatigue.


Normally in India, almost each nephrologist is asking patients to regularly conduct these tests... KFT, CBC, Urine Protein Creatinine Ratio, PTH.

UPCR is of good importance but more important is Albumin creatinine ratio.

Kindly visit your nearby lal path labs and ask them to do Morning spot albumin creatinine ratio test.

May Almighty bless u with best of health


Thanx for it wishes....may I know where u live in India...its grt to connect with same age group ppl....yeah my upcr test was pretty ok ...but recently it has gone to higher side...as I was careless in eating last Dec.


Kindly don't be careless.

We are stage 4 people.

We need to be extra careful with the diet.

Believe me, diet plays a big role in determining the progression of CKD.

I was diagnosed in March 2012 with ckd. Mine is an autoimmune disease.. Lupus nephritis they called it.

I was able to maintain my creatinine level at 1.8 for 4 years when I was careful with my diet.

But in last two years, I thought that my disease is under control.. I became careless with the diet and creatinine level has jumped from 1.8 to 2.85

Kindly be careful with your dietary habits.

I don't know why but females have lower gfr at same creatinine level.

So you need to be extra careful.


I live in Aligarh UP but my nephrologist is practicing in New Delhi.

I visit him after gap of three months.

May I know the name of your Doctor?


I consulting Dr Vijay Kher...sits in Medanta...who is it doctor??

Please let me know your daily diet routine and what is your water intake??may I know ur name..if u really comfortable sharing it..


May I know the name of your specific kidney disease?

Mine in lupus nephritis grade 1V,an autoimmune kidney disease.

SLE caused it.

Duffuse proliferative glomerulonephritis to be more specific.


Great.... What a co-incidence.

We are seeing a same doctor.

I am also consulting Dr Vijay Kher... Medanta mediclinic...

A year back, he relocated to Fortis Escorts but now he is back to medanta.


And sorry for replying late.

I am very tensed these days.

Dr Vijay Kher is a good doctor but I am considering taking second opinion. He never mentioned any specific diet.

I generally drink 3 litres of water on a daily basis.

My creatinine is continuously increasing.


Yeah he don't give specific diet but u can consult to a nutritionist ...they will make a proper diet chart acc to ur stage ....

Thumb rule in diet

Take calculated protein according to Ur body wt...

Limit processed food

Limit salt

Leach veg if green( spinach )

One of the most important thing ....don't stress urself....be happy alwaz


What is the cause of your specific disease?


Missed this ....

Yeah cause of disease is not clear yet in my case...as my parents and grandparents do not hv CKD and I don't hv diabetes and BP problem...I have not got biopsy done to rule out what is this actually

But in ultrasound and nuclear test it shows that I hv a scar in one kidney little smaller in size


My egfr is 25


Do you experience occasional pain in kidney place on the backward side?


Initially when I got to know about CKD , that time I hv experienced slight pain on kidney side but as such no pain


I am unable to figure the reason why Vijay Kher Sir don't ask you to conduct renal biopsy


Great insight


Would u please suggest me any good nutritionist?

Whom u r consulting?


What is the name of your nutritional specialist.

In which hospital he sits?


I hv once shown to some nutritionist who sits in Ganga Ram hospital Delhi as my first doc to whom I had consulted initially sits there...Dr Manish (nephrologist)


Why u shifted to Dr Vijay Kher?

Was Dr Manish not good enough?


I don't know her name but she s the HOD of nutrition department


Thnx a lot


May I know ur name please ???

I m thinking of making a WhatsApp group for a Indian ppl having CKD so that we can talk and share our queries and suggests that will useful for everyone.....


I don't know any fellow Indian in my frnd circle who is having ckd.

It is pretty tough to locate fellow ckd patients in India.

I pray Almighty to save everyone from this situation. This disease is scary and can give u nightmares.

I mean we r living in a constant fear.

Uncertain future


I already have you my contact details.


I am atif , PhD scholar in human resource management


Ohhk dats grt ...I am a consultant pedodontist ( Dentist)..



I don't know why I am that much tensed


Hey listen...Atif just be calm and don't worry about future....just live it healthy and happy...follow the diet and do some excercise light one ....enroll urself in yoga n meditation..it will calm it mind and make I strong....and believe me there are ppl who are living with this disease having stage 4 and are stable for so many years...so just relax...


Future concerns are always on my help.

I am not able to help myself


What was your last spot urine protein creatinine ratio.


It was less than as it shows now...it was 1. Something


I can't find ur number .. send me again


Check your UPCR test.

What was protein total?


Has he recommended Urine RE?


My no s 9971499968


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