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Another hospitalization..

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This is my 3rd hospitalization for end stage renal failure since August..

I was on chemotherapy and mass doses of Prednisone. The Chemotherapy drug cytoxin made me bleed to the point that I needed blood transfusions twice.. I have severe insomnia from Creatinine was 5.4 but came back down to 3.2 , my GFR was 8.8 but is up to 13.1..

My BUN is 94..

I feel so weak and sick...

No dialysis was started yet...

Any suggestions would help to feel better..

I'm so tired..

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Letting you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers at this time.

Let your doctor know about the insomnia; perhaps melatonin or another medication can be prescribed to help you sleep and make you more comfortable.

Check with your doctor and renal dietician about adding high iron foods to your diet such as Cream of Wheat and Grape Nuts...anything to help the anemia and give you more energy. Communicate with your medical team.

It's not easy, but a process. Just "keep your eye on the prize" are supported and cared about- reach out!

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Smokey2014 in reply to Bet117

Hi Bet117!

Will try the melatonin again.

I love cream of wheat. I've been also trying to eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables lately. I have cut back on poatoes because of high potassium problems at times.

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i am so sorry you are going through so much. I am sending you good healing energy. As Bet said, try melatonin. I use it when I get a bout of insomnia. A little goes a long way. I also encourage you to allow yourself to be tired. Your body is trying to get over the trauma of your hospital stay. Many of us want to push ourselves to not be sick. But there are times when you need to nurture yourself. If you can, take a small nap.Try the melatonin for night time. I wish you all the best.

Thank you so much..

I was using melatonin for a while...

I was using it before this hospitalization

It seemed to work a little..

I will try it again.m

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Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to Smokey2014

Hi Ladies!

Bassetmommer, I couldn't agree more with your statement about hospital stays. Being home in your own bed is so much more restful than the clinical atmosphere.

Try the Melatonin..5mg melt on the tongue goes a long way- Walmart sells it.

My nephrologist told me that red cabbage has more ir on than green, if that's any help. I steam them both and eat them as a side dish; even cold to munch on.

Just feel better, Smokey and go one day at a time.

Sending you both warm thoughts!


Awwww Hello there Smokey2014! I am still here and read all above. What a fantanstic group above here that can give such great advice to you! I agree with above keep your team aprised of all you are experiencing. And yes being home is so much easier to rest than in the hospital. Listen to your body and try to nap. Don't fight the sleep. (I do that sometimes when I am overtired). I am thinking of you and am so deeply sorry for the hell you are enduring. I am deeply proud you are still proactive and reaching out! You are still on your path and you are doing incredible with your strength! Can you believe we met two months ago already! I am not versed at all on chemo, but to hear the incredible advice above, makes me so relieved and thrilled you are on this website, that we all are here together and have met. Part of getting through this is covering all aspects of your body which includes the mind that is so overtaken by having to concentrate on getting your body some relief. Support is the best at helping both parts of you. We are here and You are never forgotten. Keep holding on, keep seeing that waving big Flag in front of you, you will get to the Finish Line. You are so-o much closer to it than when we first met. I am still here holding out a bottle of water as you reach so many pit stops along your way. You are half way there! Remember to focus only on where you are right now and to not look too far ahead to when your docs tell you when you will feel better. You are doing great. You are strong as an ox and I see you pacing yourself. Part of being so strong is allowing yourself to feel, express and rest. Make sure you express what you are experiencing to your team and don't be put off by anyone who may not give you the proper attentiveness. Keep asking everyone until you find the one to listen. That is very important. Perhaps they can adjust something to make you feel a little better. I am here waving to you. I send a big hug. It is so good to hear from you Smokey!

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