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GFR and Potassium

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My latest gfr's over one month dropped from 13% to 11% to 9%, I am working hard to find a living donor. I was told that if I have to go on dialysis before receiving a kidney it could cause complications with the donation or cause the kidney to last less longer, does anyone have experience with this ? Also, my potassium which is always high has gotten to 6.0, the dr. is doing intervention, however, does anyone know if whitefish is high in potassium, I read somewhere it was, but it is one of the few foods I can eat right now.

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Fish and sea food can be very high in potassium, unfortunately. But it all depends on what else you eat. Check with a renal dietician or your doctor about how much potassium CAN you have. Then figure out what you can have. Best of luck and I know its hard to not eat potassium rich foods.

Thanks, no, my renal dietician never mentioned fish being one of the high potassium foods I should stay away from.

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In the USA if you end up on dialysis prior to receiving a living donor it should have no negative impact or complications on getting your kidney. It also has no impact on making the transplant last a shorter time than prior to dialysis. There are many myths out there regarding transplants and dialysis. Its great you're asking questions and getting facts. You can always check it out and Blessings

Thank you, so much to learn so much to know !!

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I believe it is a myth that if you are on dialysis that your transplant will not be as successful. Just about all of us that have had a transplant had to go through dialysis first. Oct 15th is my 19th transplant kidney anniversary!!!

Look and talk to everyone when looking for a living donor. I actually talked to all family members, article in church bulletins, people at work, women's groups I belonged to, friends...everyone I could think of. I had several people that were willing to help, but I wound up having a transplant from a deceased donor.

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Frankie24 in reply to WYOAnne

I have reached out to many via social media, email, word of mouth and I am working with a graphic designer to put together a flyer. I recently attended a NKF workshop about living donors which had many great ideas on finding living donors.

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