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We all know that kidney function declines as we age.

I have CKD 3.

My previous labs show that I have been at this level since at least 2012.

Is there anyone out there that has been stable at this level for 10 or more years?

My creatine is 1.32.

I exercise.

Take bp meds.

Dr. Thinks my cause is NSAIDS.

I keep hydrated.

Potassium is low, so that’s no issue.

I monitor my protein.

Is there anyone with positive results?

6 Replies
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Although I'm now in ESRD and on dialysis, I was stable with CKD stage 3 for 11 years before slipping into stage 4 and finally kidney failure 8 months after that. I was born with mine, so it was assumed that I would need a transplant eventually anyways. However, I kept my phosphorus, potassium and sodium levels low enough that my kidney stablized for that long period of time and only dropped one or two points every couple of years.

I was also pretty active myself, but now it's tough since my levels are everywhere, but I'm working on it! Do you take Losartan (Cozaar) for your bp med? I take that and it helps to preserve kidney function while keeping bp low, so I highly recommend it if you don't!

I had positive results after making those changes for a long time. My estimated time of kidney failure was pushed back many times since I was doing so well. My kidney finally gave out due to getting sick a lot and other factors that I had no control over, but these changes also helped me transition into dialysis fairly easily since a lot of the restrictions are the same. My kidney lasted 20.5 years ( I'm 21 now), so hopefully you can push back ESRD as far as possibld too!

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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I have exactly the same situation. Stage 3 since 2012. I am 62. I have taken an acid reflux med since I was in my 40’s never knowing it may hurt my kidneys but my mother also had kidney problems. My creatinine level is 1.49 high and GFR 36 or 37. It has been this since then and is same. I am coming off some meds now so hard to exercise and watch diet but in a few weeks will be back to taking care of that. Right now I feel it is important to take as leasr amount of meds as possible. They all have effects on us that aren’t the best. Hope u continue to do well. God Bless

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I stabilized my kidneys for about eight years. Then I started passing stones and that made my labs drop. I also had a change in meds that made it drop slightly but going back to the earlier prescription turned that around and stabilized again.

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I've been in stage 3 for 20 years. My creatinine level is normally relatively stable except when the dose of BP medicines has been too low. The statement about kidney function declining when we age doesn't apply to everyone. Some elderly have full kidney function, so some doctors believe excessive consumption of protein ages our kidneys prematurely (in the absence of kidney disease or damage caused by medicines).

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Margie5967 in reply to Northfields

Thank you so much.

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Hi northfields. Would like to know your secret in maintaining your gfr. Are you a vegetarian?

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