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Kidney Disease
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Help me asap please


mjm1929mjm1929 a day ago 0 Replies

Please can someone help me I have been told after having blood tests for kidney function that my gp will now have to monitor them because I have creatinine plus protein and something wrong with gfr

I have protein in uirine all the time and is always ++ or +++100

I don't feel good and sleep all the time day and night for 2 days I itch all the time get cramps dizzy spells out of breath pigmentation all over and now I find that when I do a wee I can't get it all out even though I have to go about 5 times a night please help


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You sound like your going through a rough time and are very worried. You need to go back to your GP and get him to explain everything to you.

If I can offer you any reasurrance is that your kidney function can't be that bad as you would be referred to a kidney consultant at your hospital.

I myself have end stage renal disease and needing a transplant and about to start dialysis.

Your gfr is a calculated filtration rate of your kidney and they use your creatinine level age and weight for this.

The itchy you are struggling with could be that you have low ferritin levels which is all to do with iron. The dizzy and cramps could be your potassium levels.

Go back to your doctors and make sure they look at your potassium, urea and ferritin level. Don't get fobbed off as I can tell from your several posts your worried. The unknown is worst than knowing.

Life doesn't end with a kidney disease. I was diagnosed when I was 21 with 20% renal function and have managed to get to 37 before things got worse and needed to start dialysis and my kidney function is 7%.

Good luck



Hi so sorry to hear that and I hope you get kidney done

You won't believe it I just wrote out long reply with all results and phone cut off because of battery

I will send copy of results now as for blood tests before November last year I did not have any blood tests done for years

So bloods results are going from November last year to April will take picture now thank you


Dear Mjm,

You may want to see a kidney specialist to get answers to these concerns. Your primary doctor can refer you to a kidney specialist, known as a nephrologist. At the very least, he/she should be answering these medical concerns for you. I surely discovered more after seeing a nephrologist, though I had to ask for that referral.

While this forum can't give medical advice, you have the right to know what's going on. Insist your doctor gets you these answers or find another doctor who can address your concerns. At the very least, request a referral to a kidney specialist.

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Hi, I can't tell you about what to do because I'm just learning about all these terms and conditions for my own stage 4. But I just wanted to acknowledge you and let you know I'm praying for you too.


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