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please help me

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my name is sahar and i live in iran

i have a son named mani. he is ten. when he was 3 months we understood that he has urinary reflax and his right kidney is very small with low function and also left kidney had scares from the utis .

here we consulted with many doctors with many ideas about what we should do.

some said the reflux should be surgeryed but some said if we do so the kidneys function would be worse..

so we did not surgery the reflux. 5 years went and my son didnt get uti. but recently he got uti again and we did the needed experiments as doctors said.

unfortunately if seems that left kidney now has got more damages and i see that his growth has got more slow.

i want to beg you to know what i should do and if you accept i will scan and send you all his documents.

please help me for the sake of god and just if you have a chid and understand my problem and worryness beside your job.

i am waiting for your answer

thank you very much

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Hello Sahar, I am sorry to hear about your son's health. It must be extremely worrying for you. I cannot help with my limited knowledge except to say that I have changed my diet completely & now I am vegan because I have read that no meat , fish, seafood, egg yolks (egg whites ok) & no dairy will benefit me in the long run. Can you access a renal dietician in your country? I hope so. We can get enough protein from other things in our diets. I have been keeping track of mine with an app on my ipad. It is very helpful. Your English is good so maybe this website might help you work out what foods (low salt, low potassium, low phosphate & low protein) your son can have. Go to the tools section & you can compare the nutrition in different foods.

thanks alot dear friend

i had heard many about be vegan but i thought it would be dangerous for kids in growth. i havent know any thing about renal dietician.

but as you said i try to use this website

thank you

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Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to LJMusgrove

Hi Sahar,

I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through and the worry, as this is your child. I agree with LJ Musgrove. Diet is very important with any kidney problem. Watch the amount of sodium/salt that you allow your son to eat. No red meat, small amounts of chicken and fish..Feed him alot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I also agree to ask your doctor to give you the name of a renal ( kidney specialist) dietician who can sit down with you and suggest foods which would be good for your son's health.

Take a look at the site that LJ Musgrove gave you. Perhaps google translate can help you understand..highlight the information and paste it into the translator.

Try to keep your head high and be strong.

Our prayers are with you. Write again soon!


hi bet

thank you a lot. ok i ll do it.

thanks for your kindness

Hello again Sahar, have you checked out the "kids & teens" section on this website?

hi LJ Musgrove

thank you very much but there is ni topic in kids and teens.

now i am searching for good foods for children with kidney disorders.

but its important for me to find a good specialist in renal and kidney disorders to read my sons documents and says the best decide about to surgery or not.

do you know how can i do?

Thank you MohdMay for offering to help Sahar.

Some foods good in small amounts are red globe grapes, watermelon, dates & raisins, sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds (all unsalted) almonds and almond meal, tofu, green beans, white rice & white bread (preferably home made) corn, zucchini, onions, garlic, capsicum or peppers, apples, grape juice, apple juice. Avoid all dairy products (cheese, yoghurt, milk, butter) try soy milk or almond milk, rice milk. Please ask if you want to know more. I can try & look it up for you.

I meant to add that when you cook vegetables high in potassium like carrots, pumpkin & sweet potato you can leech them by cutting them into small pieces, rinsing the small pieces then soak in water for at least 2 hour or even overnight, changing water occasionally as well before cooking. This reduces the amount to a healthier level for your son.

Pineapple is also a good food. Small portions of food are best throughout the day until you can get the professional help you need.

Iceberg lettuce & cucumber are also great. Beets need to be leeched as well.

Strawberries & blueberries are great & peel apples for him as well.

Hi Sahar

I was told to take CranActin. It helps keep my urinary tract healthy. I hope this helps. You need to make sure the antibiotics he take is kidney friendly. I was also told to take Bactrim instead of other uti meds)

Be strong. We are all here to support.


thank you very much

i will try it.

so what is bactrim?

UTI antibiotic. I was prescribed with Macrobid but Bactria is better.

i have not heard about bactrim

is it a kind of antibiotics? like cefexim, sefalexin, ...

can i find it in drugstores?

You need prescription.

Brands: Bactrim, Sulfatrim, Bactrim DS


I am glad to try helping you.please send me his age , weight,his lab results especially his renal function tests

(Bun, creatinine). images of his ut : i v p, ultrasound ,c t scan and others at

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LJMusgrove in reply to MohdMay


I have nothing more to add then what others have told you, but I am sending warm thoughts and prayers your way that you might find help for your son.

thanks alot for your kindness

Hi there, my son has had pkd since he was born. So when he was born his kidney function was only 20 percent never did he have any UTI problems, so I can't give you any advice on that except his aunt had the same issues almost as your son and she had the surgery and it made it better. She was 42 yrs old and still had good kidney function . She recently past in a car accident. I can help you with blood test results and food medicine ect. I'll say this what ever you do get all information and research then go by what you feel even if your scared if your gut says surgery then go far but knowledge is power to. You are his advocate and it's scarey because you have to try to make the right choices for him. It's hard really hard. Take care. You guys are in my thought s.

thank you very much.

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