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Weight loss stopped on low fat diet

I recently had my gallbladder removed and for several weeks before surgery I stuck to a low fat diet and lost almost a stone in weight which encouraged me to continue. Since surgery (12 weeks ago now) I have stuck to the same low fat diet but haven't lost anything more, in fact I've regained 4lb which is really disheartening!

Any ideas or suggestions would be very welcome please

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Hi, I'm assuming the low fat diet was recommended primarily to help reduce the load on the Gallbladder itself rather than just to lose some weight pre-op? If so it might be worth now looking at your whole diet now to see where you can make some changes. The 12 week NHS live Well Weight Loss Plan should help you do this, more information at:- nhs.uk/LiveWell/weight-loss...

The other thing to keep in mind is that post-op during your recovery period you are bound to have been less active, this may well have contributed to your small gain. Try not to worry about this, instead think of the weight you have lost and try to concentrate on looking forward to losing more.

Good Luck :)


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