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Loss of 2.8lbs, yes!

Had an emosh day on Weds and ate a load of chocolate and had comfort food for tea.

Only 70 minutes of exercise done, BUT I did manage to pull some of the calories back over the rest of the week.

On the plus size my running injury seems to have gone, so was able to resume my intervals (albeit half the time) and ran a mile. Definitely lost run fitness but am still fitter than when I started.

Target 2lbs weight loss, 2 weights sessions, all days at 1400 cals or under.

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Hi Bunblebeaz,

Glad to hear your running injury seems to have gone. Well done on your weight loss - that's incredible!

Good luck with this week's goals. You'll be able to resume your intervals (running) and I'm sure you'll get your running fitness back in no time!



Yes - best of luck. Having lost 3 pounds last week - having re-started - I then had a very good but indulgent weekend - am determined not to weigh in on friday heavier - and I def would like to have lost. . so sticking to calorie count and running. Fingers crossed for you, me and the rest of the commnity


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