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Does everyone on hear do some form of exercise, I love swimming but because of the way I look I hate being in a swimming costume so I don't do that. I take my dog to the park for about 30mins I try every day and im wondering if I should maybe walk for about an hour or so.

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I started the couch to5k plan from here and january and graduated from it last month. Apart from walking the dog id never done any kind of regular exercise before in my life. Im now running 5k every other day and I love it - never thought id say that! Ive nearly finished my diet now and have just started up swimming but until very recently I was exactly the same as you about wearing a swimming costume. The nice thing about running is you can wear baggy clothes and even go out after dark if you really dont want to be seen. Since I started running Ive had to increase the distance I walk my dog each day as we were finishing our walks so much quicker now im fitter! Good luck with whatever you choose to do.


I did C25K on the treadmill last year and I'm now enjoying doing a variation of runs/jogs to keep me interested.

You could try walking an hour if you've got the extra time alternatively why not try some kind of intervals. Basically you walk fast between two set points then at your usual pace between two other points. Lampposts are good markers as they are usually of equal distance apart but could use anything static.

Good luck!

When I was able and had more time to exercise, I took the dog for a walk twice a day on a 20 - 30 minute walk which seems less daunting than a full hour. It is less strenuous on you and the dog!


I started NHS C25K partly because I had tried to increase my brisk walking time beyond 30 minutes and found it didn't agree with me. It still doesn't even though I have graduated from C25K and kept up with the running.

With the swimming, I decided that the best thing was not to go looking at myself in the mirror on the way into or out of the pool, get in without hanging about and just swim. With my front in the water, it's really only my terrible style I need to feel embarrassed about people seeing.

I've also been doing NHS Strength and Flexibility and Ekhart Yoga online which I can do at home. It doesn't clock up big calorie expenditures but added to running/swimming/cycling it makes for a well rounded fitness programme.

I feel the same about wearing a swimsuit, but am going to go soon, as I have lost 3 stone since January. I got exercise on prescription from my GP, and went to a Curves gym, it's very good, all shapes and sizes go and it is for women only, maybe you have one near you.

Hi scottishlass1

I found it most useful to integrate my exercises into my daily routines. I use my bicycle to get to work which works for me well. Have to sort out my strength exercises.

Six runs into the C25K and loving it , knees are killing me but very determined!!

I was so worried about how I looked I drove to a different town, but I honestly don't think people are that interested in others we are all a bit self absorbed. I try to remember what others were wearing after seeing them and really cant remember most of thee time. I'm going to try and stop worrying so much.xxx

Wow, good on everyone on ur exercise journey I need to look into the nhs exercise. I have also bought a bike,but the weather in Glasgow nearly everyday its raining so lets hope I can do some biking when it's nice outside.

scottishlass1, I notice you mention Glasgow. I am also in Glasgow. If you are anywhere near the Gorbals, Bellahouston or Scotoun Sports Centres, get yourself along to the Aqua Zumba class. Check out the Glasgow Sport website for the actual times. I go to the one at Gorbals on a Tuesday at 8pm.

The class is full of larger ladies like ourselves and also some slim ones. The instructor, Karen is fantastic (although she is on holiday this week). You will not feel out of place and you will be made very welcome.

I started exercising by swimming to ease the pressure on my joints. I would go on my way home from work so that I didn't get home and get comfy on the sofa. Once you are in the pool no-one can see you. Don't forget that you are there because you are doing something about what you see as an issue. Go for it - you will stick with it if you enjoy what you are doing.

A number of ladies (slim and larger) wrap a towel around them and leave it poolside. I have found that internet company Simply Be / Fashion World have a great range of swimming cossies - I buy the longer length ones with shaping in the bust as opposed to the other kind that flatten everything and make the tummy more noticable.

If you decide to come along to the Gorbals, let me know and give me some details of what you look like and I will keep an eye out for you. That way you won't be going in by yourself.

I hope you decide to give this a go. Whatever you end up doing, I wish you the very best of luck.

Hi notsobigmama, thanks for tha,t I will have a look at the Glasgow club to c which class is best for me. I work tue wed thu 2.30pm-10pm one week or nightshift 10pm-9.15am the next so need somewhere on a Monday or Friday sat or sun or I could go on the tue the week I am on nights and just go to work from the swimming. Thanks

Hi, over the years I have used various methods - but the best results for me has been the cross trainer. It doesn't have impact like running and you don't have to lift any heavy stuff.But I started off really slowly for two weeks until the relevant muscles started to get used to the new movements.

Hi scottishlass1, well done for taking the step to ask for advice. It's great that you take your dog out for walks, and certainly if you can increase your walks to an hour a day, that would be great. 30 minutes everyday is great too.

As blackppolgirl pointed out, Curves Fitness for Women is a great place for women of all ages and all shapes/sizes to exercise in an environment that is fun, fast, and safe. If you look at my profile, you'll see that I'm biased as I'm a Curves Circuit Coach, but hand on heart I can tell you that Curves is great.

And there are several around Scotland. Have a look at the locations page on the website for more info: curves.co.uk/locations

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