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New to this and need support to achieve my goals!

Hi everyone, I have joined the group because I need to manage my health and although not massively over weight my bmi is 27 I know the weight I am carrying is having a negative impact on my mind and body. So here I am, taking control, I have recently seen a counsellor who has set me a task of looking after myself for a change. I don't intend to wait until Monday to start my healthy eating plan as this never works for me I want to start now. I have a wheat and milk intolerance but when my mood is low I ignore this and then suffer for it. I

I have a waist somewhere and want to find it again. I have problems with my knees and hip however I know losing weight will make a great deal of difference and achieving my overall goal of a healthy body and mind and having an active lifestyle again will make such a difference to me and my family.

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Welcome to the community Vicky ,glad you decided to do it today I have found being in the community has given me the motivation to start again .Good luck to you .


Hi Vicky1967,

I think the first place to go, for you, may be to have a good read up on the NHSChoices live well lose weight pages. (If you've not already done that!)

As you have some food issues which may restrict possibilities, it's especially important to ensure, if you are undertaking a weight reduction plan, that you get in the full range of nutrients from your food So, you may find the pages about nutrition and the eat well plate especially relevant. Nutrition, I think, may be a key to you taking control and looking after yourself properly.

On those pages there's plenty of good advice and it's all free, including the 12 week plan.

You might also like to make a decision as to just how much weight you are intending to lose. Do you want to get within the "normal" band of BMI?, for example, and what actual weight is that for you?

Having a clearly-defined objective to work towards really helps. Vague and undefined ones are usually not particularly helpful.

You may also want to set some milestones as well. Not to beat yourself up with, but just to give you a bit of a sense of achievement when you pass them.

You may well wish to discuss with a medical professional if there are aspects of your prevalent medical condition which will impinge upon your weight loss efforts and/or any increase in activity/exercise levels (or vice versa, for that matter). And you may also like to explore different ways of exercising to minimise pain. Perhaps water-based exercise - swimming, aqua aerobics and that sort of thing - may be better for you, for example.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


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