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That's a bit better!

So I've weighed in this morning - part 2, end of week 1 - at 92.1 Kg which is 0.8 Kg less than last Friday.

As many of you will know, I weigh myself daily, and the fact is that over just the last weekend I lost a whole kilo.

So I've been trying to balance things back over the week by upping my food intake a bit in order to avoid the sorts of problems associated with over rapid weight loss.

This is also in the context of my part 1 resulting in 13 kgs loss over 10 weeks, which is a bit on the fast side (about 30% too fast, really).

So, that'll do fine, I guess.

Now the challenge for me is to keep the weekly weight loss to that sort of figure.

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Hi Doikosp,

I know that you are worrying about the 13kgs loss over 10 weeks, but surely it depends on what your activity levels & calorie consumption was like before.

We are all striving to get to a "goal" weight/size/BMI and create a new lifestyle for ourselves that we can maintain forever so that our goal becomes our norm.

I want a new lifestyle without calorie counting, perhaps you're more "in tune" with what your body wants & needs.

Celebrate it and don't worry too much.



Hi Tabytha,

Thanks for your comments but actually that's not quite the point.

For sure, we all have goals and milestones, etc., - and I've managed to tick off several en route to date - but the whole point of this journey is to lose weight - but not at any cost. Most people are doing this journey because they are want to be healthier / fitter and that's fine.

But given that, then there's not very much point in anyone making themselves ill in the process.

And losing weight too fast can make you quite ill. It has a number of risks which have been mentioned elsewhere in these blogs.

So, for me, I have already lost weight a bit too fast. I really don't want that to continue - because ill effects are more likely to manifest after several weeks of over fast weight loss - and I also don't want that to accelerate.

If I was only talking about two or three weeks of being a bit too fast, I'd be much less bothered, but unless dealt with, I'd now be talking 11/12 weeks of it.

Let's be clear, I'm not reversing my new found habits, nor am I abandoning my weight loss efforts, but I do need to keep the process 'managed' properly, or I am likely to line problems up for myself which was not the reason for me starting this journey.

Once I get to my final goal, then I will just have to maintain the new weight, not reduce further. That's a whole different ballgame because that automatically means there's no issues of speed of weight loss at all.

At the moment, whilst my trend is still downwards, my weight is up and down like a yo-yo. This might just be part of the process once you get further down the line. To be honest, I don't know. I've never been this far along a weight loss regime before, but I feel it's right to keep a watchful eye on it.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Hi Doikosop, I was reading about Very Low Calorie Diets last night. They are sanctioned by health professionals for 12 weeks use, and people lose weight even faster than you have. Try not to worry too much, because the risks are theoretical. You can't turn back the clock, and some people just lose weight faster or slower than expected; we are not machines. Now, you're trying to find the right balance, which is very sensible, to minimise potential side effects from now onwards. You're further along your weight loss journey than ever before, so keep at it. Oh, maybe if you weighed yourself once a week, you would see just the downward trend, rather than the yoyo? And thank you for your answering posts, they have very high quality advice in them. Happy Easter.


Hi pocketvenus,

I'm not too worried, because I'm pretty confident that I can get this right. Though it is a bit of a fine balancing act - or at any rate I'm finding it so!

I just want to make sure I steer clear of the problems that I could otherwise steer myself into.

I weigh daily because I find all the calorie counting stuff too much of a kerfuffle for my personality. (YES - I know some people just love it and it gives them structure, etc. - great, that's fine for them.) So, weighing is really my only way of monitoring how it's all going.

And yes, you noticed that I am just about knocking on the door of 12 weeks, so that is another reason to pull it into line a bit.

And for sure, if I was under medical supervision lined up for some serious surgery in a few weeks time, my weight loss rate could well be much faster.

Also, I have no problem at all with highlighting the general unhelpfulness and risks of people trying to lose weight too fast. There's a bit of a general tendency to make rapid weight loss seem almost heroic, so I really don't mind countering that a bit.

Have a good Easter.


Hi Doikops

13 kgs in 10 week is something you should be proud of. Would you share with us the three most important changes you have made over the 10 weeks that helped you loose the 13kgs?


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