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Feeling sorry for myself - 'no chew' food ideas please

Last night I broke a tooth, a molar. My tongue is red raw. Dentist doesnt open till Monday. Not in pain so dont qualify to see emergency dentist. Bought temporary filling from chemist but breaking down and mouth full of powdery grit.

Facing a weekend of porridge, soup and slimfast.

Any suggestions for 'no chew' foods. At moment I feel like falling into a trifle and staying there. Really unhappy


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If I were you I would go back and say you are in horrendous pain, and try and get in to the emergency dentist!

Have you get a blender/food processor? You could whizz up loads of foods in to a puree, fruit, veg etc. Yoghurts (double check cals first tho), or if you really wanted to you could get some cheap tins of baby food?

Hope you get sorted soon :)