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My snacks

Just thoght I'd let you guys know about some low calorie snacks that have kept me going these last 5 weeks. I love the pink and white marshmellow wafer things, they are only 50 calories each. If I've stayed to around 1100 calories in a day ill treat myself to a curly wurly once I've put the kids to bed so I'm still getting my bit of chocolate intake! They are 115 calories, and I love Hartleys jelly pots as a pudding after my tea some nights they are less than 10 calories and they taste brill! Hope these help any fellow snackers.

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Love hartley's jellies too. Adds a few more calories but they're nice with a low fat vanilla yoghurt, morrisons did a nice one the size of a muller. Appears you have a sweet tooth too. Meringue nests are usually 50-55 calls and should not be spoilt with a healthy accompaniment!

Read the post about sugar being evil but surely these little treats are good in moderation and better than a lot of other treats.

Happy healthy eating!



I found that eating salt and vinegar rice cakes from tesco are a cheap and healthier way of snacking when you have the urge for a filling and tasty snack. My problem has always been crisps and doritos, and compared to these high fat, high calorie, high salt rubbish, the rice cakes are a lot better for you (or at least allot less bad). Here is the nutrition information. Here is the link to them on tesco.com:




,2%of your GDA



< 1%of your GDA



,< 1%of your GDA



,< 1%of your GDA



,3% of your GDA


There's a very nice (I think) savoury cracker out called Miltons roasted Mulit-Grain Cracker. The Garlic & Herb one goes well with some light soft cheese, or a bit of smoked salmon or something similar.

I think most of the supermarkets are stocking them and they come in at 65 Kcal for 3 crackers and are suitable for Vegetarians too!


Aldi chocolate mousses are only 90 calories a pot and are very chocolately! :)

My snacks are usually fruit, and I love the little boxes of raisins, raisin and apple, apricot etc.

I've found a cranberry juice in asda that is only 20cals per 250ml as there's no added sugar.


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