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Higher Exams

Hey all,

I'm just wondering how you manage to stay on form during stressful periods. I had my prelims 3 weeks ago and put all the weight I had lost back on, ive managed to lose 7 pounds since then but im worried about slipping when it comes to real exams as well. Any advice for coping with stressful periods such as these. Thanks in advance.

P.s. I attained 3As 1B and 1D (damn Biology!)

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maybe just taking things hour by hour and not thinking to far ahead. Try to focus more on yourself. I find walking helps me when I'm stressed. Maybe having snacks prepared and ready in the fridge. chopped Carrots (I chop a whole iceburge lettis, cucumber and celery all chopped into small pieces, Mixed with little Walnut Oil or olive oil) and a little low fat salad cream. That now my guilty pleasure.


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