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Advice please. Restrict or reset?

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs


Yesterday I went for a meal, had a main, a pudding and shared a side. I can't be 100% of the calories but have estimated as close as I can. My estimates have taken me nearly 2,000 calories over. I've planned to restrict myself in the next 4 days to balance it out but its really stressing me out because I couldn't manage it today. Should I preserve with restricting myself or reset my week and just have my usual daily allowance? Would love your opinions please.

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My vote would be for having your usual daily menu. You're more likely to stick to it and eating well isn't meant to be a punishment :)

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to BridgeGirl

Thats definitely how its feeling if I go ahead with restricting my allowance. Just the thought of it is making me miserable.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to IamwhatIam517

Be guided by that, then :)

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to BridgeGirl

Yea I think I will. Thank you


Gosh that's a difficult decision. You don't usually go over your daily allowance so I think restricting yourself probably won't make any difference. :)

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to TheTabbyCat

I don't normally no. I've always balanced out any over indulgence though so I feel like either way I'm going to be unhappy.

Hi, I agree with BG. Plus you'll probably find your body will compensate naturally if you take the pressure off. Also your guestimate might not be accurate.

My advice is to just carry on as normal: once you allow yourself to have Xamount of calories, you may not even want them all.

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to mama2nana

I hate gestimating, wish all companys would put calories on the menu.

mama2nana7lbs in reply to IamwhatIam517

Same! You'd think they all would nowadays!

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to mama2nana

I don't know why they don't, so frustrating

Carer53Maintainer in reply to IamwhatIam517

I did the same on my birthday. Went out ate main plus desert and drank wine. I estimated my calories but did not beat myself up about it. Only have a birthday once a year 😊 Up til then I'd been doing really well so next day I just continued with counting calories. OK so I didn't lose weight that week but I'm back on track now. We all go off sometimes but as long as its not often no harm done. 👍 Good luck 😊

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to Carer53

Think I need to just accept I won't lose weight this week and move on. Thanks

Having a nice meal out once in a while is not a problem because you won't let it throw you off track. I'm a firm believer that life is for living and we all deserve nice treats. The trick is in being firm in the knowledge that we can enjoy it, draw a line under it, and then carry on with our focus. You definitely shouldn't punish yourself for the rest of the week! Just be extra mindful of choices and look forward :)

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to DiamonteSandal

Thank you. I really did enjoy the meal and company

I would draw a line under it and carry on,it's a one off so I wouldn't reduce my daily intake over the next few days.

It's funny how it works out in the end ,


IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to gman1961

Thanks very much.


Like the others have said, carry on as normal. If you enjoyed the meal and now you're stressing, the stress is doing more harm to you than the extra calories. Plus you don't want to have negative memories about the meal.

During help out to eat out, I was out 3 times in a row...I can't even remember if I lost that week. If I didn't, I'm sure I would have considered it worth it to be out with friends enjoying nice meals. If I did, probably saw it as a bonus!

Your overall weight loss is fantastic, so try not to disrupt it too much with restricting yourself to compensate. Say great meal, time to get back on track and leave it there. ☺ Good luck!

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to Peachy40

Thank you. I'm going for a happy medium where I pull back a few calories but not as many as I was planning. Feeling much better about it now

Peachy40Maintainer in reply to IamwhatIam517

That's great. 😀 👍🏾

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to Peachy40


I had a meal out on Thursday (as it was a chain, I could google the calories). I want to ensure that I'm healthier to make up for it but that won't involve cutting down on portions or ending up hungry, just avoiding things like bread and cheese (as it was a pizza). Hope you find the right method for you. :)

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to Greendream123

Thank you

kt_112020 July

My advice would definitely be just move on and stick to your usual allowance if you know that calorie counting works for you.

If you want to lose the weight and keep it off, you need a method that you can continue with long term. Getting into habits of overdoing it and then restricting is not really a healthy way of eating so you don’t want to start accepting that as normal.

Longer term, if you know that you stick to your allowance most of the time and occasionally have a big meal out you’ll be ok. You might not lose this week but the trend will still be down. If you find it’s happening a lot you might want to consider whether calorie counting is sustainable for you as a weight loss method or whether you need to mix up what you’re doing a bit 😊

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to kt_11

Thank you.


You can forget counting calories and just avoid carbs. That way you don't need to starve yourself. Avoid fruit juices and sweetened foods cakes and biscuits. Only eat bread or things like pies and pizza occasionally. Carbs raise blood sugar which causes a release of insulin. The insulin drives cells to consume the blood sugar and convert some to glycogen which is stored in the liver and muscles. When glycogen stores are full The liver starts to produce the building blocks of new fat which is stored around the body and in the liver, eventually leading to fatty liver disease.

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to Eryl

Sadly cutting carbs doesn't work for me, I'm happy with my plan and I certainly never starve myself. I have managed to sort my current dilemma out thanks to the advice on this thread. Thank you for your personal advice, I just know it's not for me though. I'm glad there is a variety of plans out there so everyone has one that suits them 😀


A one-day fast will straighten it out.

Your glycogen reserves will be over-full, with the surplus being turned to harmful VLDL, triglycerides and visceral fat. This is the chronic condition of most of the developed world.

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to StillConcerned


Pink4eva2 stone

Hi I am having a similar struggle myself. I gained 3 1/2 lbs this week following a couple of binge days. I follow a mixture of calorie counting (old habits die hard) LCHF and IF. I have been trying to get into an extended fast mode for a few days now, I think I am going to be able to do it today. I haven’t eaten since 1830hrs yesterday. The first 24 hrs is always the hardest for me. I know that if I can fast for 2 -3 days I know I will feel better mentally and physically and it will be a good way of re setting. Good luck with whatever you decide to do🙂

Tall1732Maintainer in reply to Pink4eva

Don’t worry going over 2000 calories will not make any difference your weight might go up for a day or 2 due to the extra salt etc any weight gained will be mainly water. I’ve had a week of heavy calories as on holiday and weight has gained 5 kg yes I’m a little annoyed but know it’s nothing I can’t get rid of in 2 weeks max as most will be water weight. I’ve noticed all the time was heavy fat and carb diet wasn’t going to wee much even though drinking a lot of caffeine now on normal diet getting rid of a lot of water so be interested to see weight tomorrow and Monday was 82.4 last Saturday today was 87.4

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to Tall1732

Holidays are prime eating times, its so hard to resist.

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to Pink4eva

Thank you very much. Hope you get that small gain off quickly

UnitedRed5st 7lbs

I’ve found restriction doesn’t help me. I just end up hungry and snacking. Hit reset and start fresh tomorrow. And don’t beat yourself up for enjoying the odd treat.

IamwhatIam5174st 7lbs in reply to UnitedRed

Thank you very much

Tall1732Maintainer in reply to IamwhatIam517

Had my Sunday morning weigh in down to 85.4 kg so 3 kg heavier than pre holiday weight last Saturday but better than the 87.4 kg yesterday. A few days Of extra exercise and better resting and my goal is being back at 82.5 by end of next week so 14 days to restore my 7 days of dirty eating. I have always had a soft spot for mince pies and the 4 I had Friday did taste good. I know that now back home can eat healthy again. Eating out is nice but find the foods so filled with chess’s ect. Much prefer home cooked meals.

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