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Hi all starting today nhs 12 week diet plan tryed everything else so difficult with having spondylothesis as some professionals call it back pain believe me not just back pain cant exercise although try to set my walking goal but very difficult even though use crutches swimming was good but that many use local baths now i find it hard to swim when most are stood about in the water .I just try to do more in the house rather than go out please any suggestions would be a great help .

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Hi dottyboro,

Any exercise in water would be good for you as it takes the weight off your joints - have you tried aqua aerobics classes or similar?

Also does your pool do a lane swim? I know mine has several sessions a day early morning/late evening and usually another one chucked in for good measure.

There are several people who have issues with exercise, for one reason or another who have found water based activities helpful. Have a read around the blogs and questions and hopefully you'll find some more useful info.

Good Luck on your journey :)


thanks bunblebeaz will do regards dotty


Hi dottyboro,

It's worth reading the NHS live well lose weight pages which have lots of good and totally free advice and information on them about diet, weight loss, nutrition, etc., etc. There's also lots of good advice and personal experiences worth reading on these blogs from people who are actually doing it.

Usually, the best starting point is to find out your BMI and then decide how much weight you are going to choose to lose. Note that “normal” BMI is a band, so you need to make a decision about that. The weight loss game is not mathematically perfect, but almost always, if you reduce your calorie intake and up the calories that you burn through activity/exercise, then you will lose weight.

But not because of that bit of arithmetic. It's because your body will react to that situation by making changes that will tell the appropriate parts to burn off your stored fat. There are many factors that can impinge on whether your body stores or burns fat, so expect a few 'blips' and perhaps some 'spurts' too.

Having said all that, I would suggest that your first step should be to get advice as to how your medical condition might impinge upon your weight-loss regime and vice versa.

Try not to see weight loss as an ‘event’. Look at it as a longer-term process, a re-training programme whereby you change your lifestyle in the eating and exercising departments. It's more about learning how to get your eating, exercise and body weight under your control and keep it under control.

It’s also about making a commitment – to yourself, your body and your health and wellbeing.

For sure, the exercise side will be more difficult for you, but remember it's about activity and that doesn't necessarily have to be 'sporty'. With my dog's hairs, doing the vacuuming at home is more like a workout than doing a workout!

Good luck.


Thankyou Doikosp its my mind over matter with me its going to be a tough struggle but ill try thats all i can do regards dotty


Hi Dottyboro, i also have the exercise/pain dilemna(spine, hip and knee arthrits). My exercise is also confined to the home (if i could get to the swimming baths, I wouldnt be able to get in/out and am too embarrassed to ask to use the disability hoist). I had an exercise bike gathering dust in the spare room so on Monday (start week 2) my hubby brought it downstairs and I now trundle away whenever I have 5 or 10 minutes and even during the evenng watching tv. I wear a pedometer which works with the cycle if you attach it to the hem of tshirt rather than waistband, and have exceeded 10,000 steps both yesterday and Monday. If you know someone you can borrow one from or can buy a cheap one, its a great way to exercise for those of us who need to avoid high-impact, weight-bearing exercise.

Good luck this week.


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