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I'm getting married in May 2013

Hi everyone, my wedding dress was delivered this morning BUT although i love it!!!!!!!!!!, it is a bit tight up top, i struggled to do the zip up. WHAT TO DO?, send it back and get a bigger size or hope for the best.

I have been doing ww for the last 4 months and running for about 6 months. I have lost 29ib whilst at WW but over 3 stone since i had my baby who is now 7 months and dropped 2 dress sizes that is why i am very reluctant to get a bigger dress.

I still have 12 weeks until the day, is it possible that the dress would fit better then as i only have 4 weeks to return it.

What do u all think???????

The dress would defiantly motivate me to pound that pavement!!!!!!!!!!

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Depends how tight it is. Maybe you could really go for it now that you only have limited time left. Good luck and congratulations!


Thanks Norni, I think i'm going to really go for it exercise and diet wise for the next 4 weeks and then try the dress on again fit wise before the deadline to return it.

thanks xx


Good luck! Getting married was a good motivator for me too!


i say keep the dress you have more han enough time to get into it, nmaybe up your exercise schedule, but anyway you will know what is best for you, to make your special day the best it can be GOOD LUCK


This was from 3 years ago...


ok so you have 4 weeks to make your mind up, keep going until the end of the second week and see what results you have then make you choice, thats what I would do

Good Luck and Congratulations to you both


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