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Apron belly


Hi guys,

Yet another issue I’m posting about. 9 years ago I had a child. I gained about 5lbs during pregnancy and looked and felt great. The only area that grew was my stomach. After having my son I was left with apron belly (I think it’s filled with fat, not just excess skin) that covers my private area. I lost nearly 2st9lbs but that damn apron belly is still there just as bad as it was before. I need to lose further 3st to be in the healthy range. I wanted to go for a run but I can’t stand the feeling of my belly wobbling and bouncing off the top of my legs as I run. I am so embarrassed to go out. Even going to work is a nightmare unless it’s winter and j can cover myself up. Whatever I wear doesn’t hide it unless it’s a fairly baggy long t shirt. It’s hot outside and I’ve had enough of hiding myself under baggy clothes. It affects me so much on daily basis. I read that doing sit ups and stomach crunches doesn’t tackle the issue. How do I get rid of this disgusting belly?? Surgery is out the question due to the price and time off work I’d need which I simply can’t afford. Someone please help!!!

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BJ20205 stone

Maybe compression clothes would help. Not sure though

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They give me stomachache to be fair. I had nice high wasted pants but after few hours at work (semi active job) there’s too much pressure on my belly :(

I sympathise, I have a bit of this problem too. I was 40 when I had my daughter, and never one for going to the gym, my belly never really recovered and it is a funny shape. Also as I had a C-section I am convinced that didn't help as there were no muscles involved in delivery!

I'm afraid I don't have answers, I just wanted you to know you are not alone. I just wear clothes which cover it up, leggings and tunics mostly.

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I wear the same but I’m sick of it. I bought myself a nice top but barely covers my belly so I don’t really wear it. It’s horrible. I hate it.


Hi Pixianna :) I always say this is a great place for information and support but you can only get the benefit of it if you are here regularly - I would suggest every day at present, using the Daily Diary to share your meal plans and chat to others about their choices.

You have PCOS so need to eat appropriately for that condition. That's the way to change your weight and body shape. Here are your previous posts where you have had useful advice on that. (You had LOTS of replies so look particularly for the ones re PCOS)





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