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Sticking to diet but not losing weight

JoanneBA2020 July

Hi everyone I’m looking for some advice/inspiration/motivation! I’ve been following slimming world since 1 July 2020 and for the last two weeks have not lost one pound despite sticking totally to the plan. I’ve got 4.5 stone to lose and I’m so close to the start of this journey so I feel totally disheartened to have got stuck so early on 😢

Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone have any tips. I currently feel like totally blowing it and eating all the things I’ve not been having but I don’t want to have a huge gain next week if I do!!

Thanks you for any advice which will be gratefully received 😊

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LythamSuper Host 3 stone

Hi, I never lost weight on SW either, I now do lchf, have you considered that? The food is lush and you're not hungry :-)

Would you like to join our weigh in today? Here's the link, I hope to see you there! :-) x

Hazel102020 July

I always feel like this is the time to stick to it. If you are not hungry, then do another few days. It WILL come off - I have found in the past that sometimes your body just hangs on for a while before suddenly dropping. Keep going!

JoanneBA2020 July in reply to Hazel10

Thanks for your reply. Yes this is what I thought last week when I weighed and lost nothing. I really thought I’d have a bigger loss this week but alas...!! Will persevere for another week and if still nothing then I might switch diet!!

Hazel102020 July in reply to JoanneBA

That’s fair enough - I ate enough carbs to sink a ship and managed to lose over a stone. Having said that, I put it all back on, as you do when you stop following it. God it’s boring but maximise your chances while you’re in the zone! Good luck 😉

Hidden in reply to Hazel10

I think that’s my issue with SW. People lose it, but then put it all back on again. I don’t think the human body is happy on low fat and our bodies, let alone minds, rebel into the arms of doughnuts.

Midori in reply to Hidden

Not to mention that our Brain and nervous system has a great deal of fat in it, and fat is necessary to normal function.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Hazel10

Hello and welcome, Hazel10 😊

I can't agree with you that the best way to handle something that's failing is to double down and work harder. It shouldn't be hard to eat well and it shouldn't be boring, as you say in your other reply. I hope you can find a way of eating that you'll enjoy so much - and see results - so you can stick with it for good. This is a straightforward, healthy plan I hope you'll consider it :)

You'll find all the information you need about the forum in our Pinned Posts including a Welcome message. A good place to start is by joining a weekly weigh in on the day of your choice, and using the Daily Diary, where members share their meal plans.

Take your time exploring. This gives you a tour of the forum and, along with Pinned Posts, will show you how things work. I hope you'll become an active member and we will see you joining in around the forum 😊

PS the app doesn’t give access to all parts of the forum so we advise everyone to get rid of the app and log on to the full website using the browser on their phone

Hazel102020 July in reply to BridgeGirl

I didn’t say double down, or work harder - just give it another week. You may not find it boring or hard but millions of women do!

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Hazel10

I'm suggesting that, if you find a plan you enjoy, it won't be boring or hard. For me, that was getting rid of the idea that eating fat made you fat, getting rid of counting anything and getting the stodge off my plate.

I got rid of the "boring" by trying out new ingredients and recipes though, like most people, I suspect, I have my standard meals that I come back to often


Hello and welcome to the forum JoanneBA

Many people who join SW or WW manage to loose weight to some degree, but few seem to be able to maintain the loss.

I have just looked up the 'science' behind their approach. This is what they say,

'It's based on nutrition science that shows that foods higher in protein and carbohydrate are more satiating than foods high in fat. ... They are what makes Food Optimising so easy to establish and sustain, compared to weight loss plans that leave people feeling hungry and deprived.'

To be blunt and I may get myself into trouble saying this, but this is rubbish. Carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice, are far from satiating, all they do is make you feel bloated and make you crave more carbs. Incorporating good fats into your meals will be what leaves you feeling satiated and not feeling the need to snack. You will also feel more alive and less tired. This is why Lytham and so many others here follow a Low Carb High Fat way of eating.

The slimming clubs, and I have also belonged to many of them in the past, are only there to make money out of you, they charge you to go to the groups and they then try to promote their own foods for you to buy. These are low fat, but in many cases high in sugar, you have to put some flavour back in somehow when you remove the fat!

Now getting off my soap box, this forum is here 24/7 so you can receive support everyday and it won't cost you a penny :)

If you haven't already, please take the time to read the Welcome Newbie post, this will help you to navigate the forum, which is best done using the full website and not the app.

Please also take a look at all of the Challenges, Clubs and Events that we have, to help to keep you motivated and engaged with the forum.

The above link will take you to all the information you need. Participation is key to success and I would recommend that you at least join the Daily Diary and a Weigh In day of your choice.

As a peer to peer support group, we all benefit from encouragement and support from one another, so look forward to seeing you join in around the forum :)

If you haven’t already taken it, here is a link to a tour of the forum,

Wishing you the best of luck on your weight loss journey :)

JoanneBA2020 July in reply to lucigret

Thank you so much for your informative reply. I agree re the carbs really, although they are unlimited I still try to moderate the but the trouble is I’ve always had a big appetite (even way back in the day when I was a size 8!) and was drawn to the fact with SW you should never go hungry. I’ll have a look at the links you sent me and let you know how I get on!

lucigretAdministrator in reply to JoanneBA

Well that I do agree with, you should never feel hungry with a 'healthy' eating plan.

When you go into the link to pinned posts, read the post 'When Weigh loss is a struggle'. If you have any questions, then please don't hesitate to come back and ask them.

If you want more information regarding LCHF you could join this forum as well,

and take a look at DietDoctor where you will find clear advice regarding LCHF and a lot of wonderful recipes,

Hidden in reply to JoanneBA

If you have a huge appetite but are not an athlete (as I did), it’s because our metabolic hormones have got way out of balance (that’s not a medical term - loss of sensitivity to them is more accurate). Here’s my post that explains this.

siggie1 stone in reply to lucigret

I 100% agree with your thoughts on SW ( and others) I followed SW for years and only lost lots of money🤔 had an ephinany last September and haven't looked back 😊

I am becoming increasingly keen on LCHF but still have 'mind blocks ' regarding high(er) fat content which will take time to get over, but i am starting slowly, FF Greek yogurt, FF cheese etc and a conscious effort to reduce carbs😊

lucigretAdministrator in reply to siggie

Well done siggi 😊. After years of being conditioned to eat low fat diet food, it is strange to eat high fat, but it will become 2nd nature. The food tastes sooo much better as well.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to siggie

Has anyone given you this link, siggie?

siggie1 stone in reply to BridgeGirl

Thank you, I've only just seen this, very informative and something I can see myself doing in the near future x

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to siggie

It's great. Very positive and practical :)

I don't think it's polite to be overly rude and critical of a diet method that someone is trying to follow, so I'll remain silent about that, however, if struggling with SW after such a short time, shouldn't that be a question asked on the SW forums not here?

However, losing several stones is absolutely possible using an effective approach. Personally I've found LCHF highly effective.

What foods are you desperate to eat that the diet isn't allowing you to? A good diet should leave you full-up and not excessively hungry, while allowing your body to gently lose weight.

The Daily Diary thread might be a good way to unpack problem foods that may be holding you back, or helpful foods that you are avoiding.

JoanneBA2020 July in reply to SofaJockey

Thanks for your reply. I’m a real savoury and carbs kind of girl so have cut right back on crisps etc and limit to one low fat pack a night as my daily ‘treat’. I have heard the LCHF diets are really effective so I may give it a couple more weeks and then maybe switch...

SofaJockeyHost in reply to JoanneBA

I'm with you, I used to be a real crispaholic and sausage rolls eater a year ago before the 7 stone loss. On my current diet I wouldn't eat any low fat crisps, not because I couldn't eat them as a treat (though I avoid low fat/low calorie foods) but because I don't want to. I'll have as a treat some portion controlled twiglets or nuts occasionally, but the addiction (touch wood) is pretty much gone. I wish you great success with whatever method you use.

JoanneBA2020 July in reply to SofaJockey

That’s amazing congratulations on your 7 stone weight loss! How long did it take you to lose that? And I know I’m def a fully fledged crispaholic which is why it’s so disheartening to not be losing when I’ve pretty much given them up!!

SofaJockeyHost in reply to JoanneBA

Thank you, that was since August last year, so 7.5 stones in just coming up to 12 months. For me it was Low Carb driven, cutting out potato/pasta/rice/bread (sounds like a shock but it worked) and I could compensate with full-fat meat/fish tons of vegetables, greek yoghurt with double cream and some exercise (walking and running). I did swap my go-to snack to a couple of cheese crackers when I needed a hit (mmm)

JoanneBA2020 July in reply to SofaJockey

Wow that’s amazing well done! That’s inspiration right there!! So what did you replace carbs with in your meals? I think if I just had meat and veg I wouldn’t feel full up?! Thankfully I do love veg and can fill my plate up but would feel I’m missing out with no carbs!

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to JoanneBA

If you love veg, you should be fine. You'll need to up the healthy fats to keep you feeling full and happy when you cut your carbs down.

Here's a post to inspire you: Is there life after bread?

san_ray70Maintainer in reply to JoanneBA

I surprised myself the other day, we were having a party in the garden with our family. My husband had poured crisps in a large bowl, we got a call party cancelled due to one of the children having a temperature. My husband and his brother had crisps for lunch, I had none and felt proud of myself for resisting temptation.

Hidden in reply to SofaJockey

What you say about not wanting to eat crisps is so true. I used to regularly eat crisps, especially Pringles-style. I'd make the effort to go out to buy them. Nowadays, just like you, I don't have any urges to eat them, far less make a special trip to buy them. It's amazing what eating low carb natural foods can do! I really didn't have to work hard to get rid of all that processed junk out of my kitchen. By the way, I'm at least 15kg lighter and back to wearing my jeans I've been keeping since last century :) I didn't give up hope!

SofaJockeyHost in reply to Hidden

Sadly, Hidden I haven't 'tested' it on actual crisps yet. I did test mini-trifles (which I used to love) on my birthday and found they tasted too sweet - I no longer like them. I'm very wary of trying a pringle in case something happens, but sitting here I feel zero need to eat one.

jubbly19551 stone

SW didn’t work for me either. I’m trying to follow a LCHF way of eating and, even though I’ve had a couple of blips caused by not following the plan, it definitely works for me. Maybe give it a look. Hopefully you will join in today’s weigh in and become a Wobble Warrior 😀

JoanneBA2020 July in reply to jubbly1955

Haha Wobble Warrier I love it! Yes I’m going to look at the links above and presumably people weigh on different days of the week?

jubbly19551 stone in reply to JoanneBA

Yes. Each day there will be a different ‘group’ weighing in. Lytham has sent you a link to today’s weigh in. Why not join us. We’re a friendly bunch. X

TimoteaRestart June 2020

Hey Joanne,

Did 6 weeks of Fast 800 During lockdown and lost 00 despite sticking to plan and doing the exercise programme. Not sure how old you are but it’s definitely harder when a bit older

Am now doing a form of LCHF which is sort of working and restricting food intake to between 12 and 7pm.

I did lighter life 12 years ago and lost 3 st in 10 weeks and it was like watching myself melt away! But don’t have the resolve or energy to deal with feeling freezing cold and miserable all the time.

The forum is hugely supportive and I think I have now got some sort of system going.

Also did Couch25K and run every other day.

Good luck and keep trying

JoanneBA2020 July in reply to Timotea

Hi thanks for your reply. I think lack of exercise whilst working from home hasn’t helped to be honest but still I’m eating much healthier so is very disappointing when you don’t lose isn’t it.

Wow 3 stone in 10 weeks is amazing but it sounds like you didn’t enjoy it which would be no good for me!!

Thanks for your helpful tips though and maybe I’ll start couch to 5K 🏃‍♀️ !!

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