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Collage 23/3/20 last walk for now.

Vale573 stone

I would like to put an additional collage on this week, We took a final 'decent' walk yesterday (sort of expected to lock down) we decided on Fairburn ings, but said that if the car park was busy we would not be walking. It was pretty quiet!! VERY unusual on a sunny day!

It was a very peaceful walk, no traffic noise or voices .... a little bit odd at first ... but it was lovely to just hear the birds and nature sounds! Social distancing was not a problem, it is a large site, and we only saw about a dozen other people.

We were treated to a couple of amazing songs from a sky lark and a little robin, a honking low flypast by couple of geese and, to top it off, a sighting, all be it from a distance, of the returning spoonbills! There were 3 people settled down with their equipment watching them, but not the big crowds that were there last year. 'Welcome back Spoonies!!' All that was missing was hearing the booming Bitten, who they said had been heard.

So now the time has come to do my little garden ready for some seriouse chilling out in the sun ...... if you can 'chill' in the sun!! xx

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Doing4me2st 7lbs


OilpainterUS2020 February

Beautiful! I would love to paint that trail. Happy it was so nice for you.

sunny3692 stone

lovely collage :)

Beautiful photos, I really enjoyed visiting Fairburn Ings many years ago (probably over 25 years ago)

Craftyperson1st 7lbs

Lovely pics and surprising how quiet it is when so close to such a busy road. Also such a varied amount of birds

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