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CSH572020 March

Hi all

As an antidote to all the chaos of Covid I am going to get more healthy!

My starting weight is 13st 5lb 2oz

I am someone who needs regular goals, encouragement and particularly accountability. If I don’t have the latter I drift off , forget etc

So.... my thinking is that this is the place where I can get these things and of course I’m happy to encourage others.

Thanks for reading !

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Hello CSH57 and welcome to this Forum! What a great positive decision you have made and you've joined a very supportive Forum here that will offer you lots of help.

This link takes you to our Pinned Posts section in which you will find a Welcome message and guide to our site plus links to other groups on here can take a bit to master finding one's way so please read the material carefully.

Please note, don't use the HU App, it is much easier to use the website.

We recommend that members join a Weekly Weigh-In, on the day of your choice, and also use the Daily Diary, where members share their meal plans and get useful feedback. Links to those pages are found under Pinned Posts (go back to the link I gave you above)

A special feature of our Forum is the degree of support between members which you will experience (and add to yourself !) as you join in and chat with others.

All the best on your weight-loss journey ! 😊

CSH572020 March
in reply to Diane2

Thanks Diane2

Hidden2020 March

I am new too. Hello. This seems like a great place doesn’t it. I am psyched to spend me first Monday here tomorrow. I like to start new stuff on Monday.... hahahahaha I sound like a kid... stuff... keep smiling.... let’s get some goals accomplished together we are not alone now 💜💚

in reply to Hidden

Welcome both. Join the daily weigh in today or tomorrow. It's exciting to have a base line

Edit: here's tomorrow's weigh in. You can add your starting weight and share your goals between 9pm tonight and 9pm tomorrow night (GMT)

CSH572020 March
in reply to Subtle_badger

I’ve joined the weekly weigh in -I look forward to seeing it reduce bit by wobbly bit!

Thanks subtle badger !

in reply to CSH57

Ah. Not quite! You need to hit the "Reply" under the first post. Looks like you hit "write" which starts a new discussion.

This website is hard to navigate, but worth it!

You sound determined and cheerful about it. Good luck.

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