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Hello everyone. I joined early Nov but this is my first post. I am 61yrs old and weigh 12st 5lb. My height is 5ft 4 so am overweight. I swim half a mile about 4 times a week but nothing else and spend most of my time sitting down.

Next November I am getting married. It’s all booked and I want to lose 2stone by then. Need to get cracking. As part of the wedding package we get a years free gym membership. My other half is overweight too. He likes weights but I don’t. I love swimming but he doesn’t. When we joined a gym together a few years ago we did our own thing but I would like us to do this together and try and get into weights. My posture is poor and so is my core strength. I feel self conscious and uncoordinated.

We both have busy jobs and family commitments which make are exhausting. We tend to come home, eat a massive meal in front of the telly, clear up and share a bottle of wine before falling asleep. We did a bit of walking in the summer months which usually ended up with a stop off at the pub and a couple of drinks.

I have joined a weight club a couple of times and this helped initially but I give up because of time constraints and fall back into bad habits.

My job is quite stressful and busy and there are always high calorie goodies. I can avoid them until the afternoon but when I start I can’t leave them alone.

I know all the reasons for my weight gain and obviously have a goal which I’m very much looking forward to. I just need the kick up the backside to get me started.

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Good morning Oldbride and welcome 😊

What a great reason for making changes and you have allowed yourself plenty of time. I've lost 2.5 stones in a year at a steady pace that has allowed my brain to keep up with my body i.e. my thinking has changed along with my behaviour.

I would suggest you read this which may give you a new direction when you think about altering your eating patterns healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Follow this link and you’ll find a list of all the forum has to offer healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh... The best advice I can give is to get involved as much as possible.

You could jump in straight away by joining today's weigh in. Just read the opening post and all will be explained healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

This Newbie pack has all the information you need to find your way around and to get started healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

We also ask that you read this information about internet privacy and security healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

I see you have not locked your post. This means that it, and any replies, can be shared around the Internet by Twitter, Facebook etc (see the logos below your post); for this reason, some members are unwilling to reply to unlocked posts.

Wishing you all the best and I hope you become an active member of the forum 😊

By the way, it would be interesting to know how you found your way to this forum


Morning Oldbride congratulations on getting married! Your lifestyle sounds like a lot like mine - sedentary job, loads of cake flying around, once I have one I have 10 more, alcohol most nights...

I am slowly changing but I do regress every now and then (which is happening right now). I am following LCHF and when I do it properly and stick to it I don't even look at sweet treats but it takes about a week to get to that non-craving stage. Find out what works for you healthy eating wise - it has to be sustainable and something that will become a lifestyle.

My main advise would be to eat enough - being hungry is the number one reason why I fail and I am sure it's the same for others. Use the NHS BMI calculator to get personalised calorie allowance and stick to the medium-top range of this and gradually bring it down as you lose weight.

Exercising with someone else is by far more of a motivator for me! There are definitely benefits from weights and hopefully you will see the differences in your core strength after a couple of weeks. Get your partner in the pool if you are trying weights ;)

Good luck on your journey - why not join us in the daily diary were we plan and commit to our meal plans? Helps me not stray as much!

13ValerieHealthy BMI

Firstly congratulations...

I hope you enjoy the exciting year ahead.

You are right to say that you know where you're going wrong with your diet. That's all you need to change.

You've got this... Keep it simple 😀

Not so old...you are younger than me!

The work-snacking thing is a huge problem....every time I watch “one born every minute” the staff are munching cakes. Swaps are what you need...take in some packets of dried fruit mixed with some nuts and seeds...you will find this will take off the edge of your hunger and meet the need for a sweet reward, and your fellow munchers might join you. Other swaps are oatcakes, fruity crackers, or just very small goodies!

I have done weights at the gym and once you know the equipment, it can be quite a good way to burn off calories. Cycling and rowing too you can do together in the gym, and then outside when you have the longer evenings. Good luck in your plans to get fit together so you can later enjoy a healthy old age!

Thanks for your response Lynn. I have been busy all week at work and haven’t snacked as much. I think I am an emotional eater. The downside has been that I have come home from work and fallen to sleep on the sofa and then not slept too well in bed. It’s a vicious circle. I’ve recently reduced my hours so will try and fit some exercise into my days off. We joined the gym together on Sunday but haven’t been yet. Plan to try the weights as you suggest and will get some of the snack ideas when I do my shop tomorrow. I do like nuts but can’t stop when I start. They fill me up but then I worry about the calories I’ve consumed afterwards. I do well with protein rich foods but just find it easier to pick something up quick at lunchtime and tend to go for the same thing. Guess planning is the key. Being in control certainly impacts positively on my wellbeing. Just need to prepare better in the evenings. Like I say I know the answers just need to put into practice. If you have any suggestions for healthy alternatives when buying lunch I would love to hear them.


I read your post and know exactly what you mean. We are similar ages. I’m 60 but weigh 17. 4 and do little exercise. Love swimming and joined my local gym but after few weeks I stopped going. I lose motivation and eat rubbish

Just been told I’m pre diabetic so need to do this!

We can both do this😊!

I used to buy John West light lunches as they are calorie counted and don’t need a fridge. There are lots of wraps and salad pots with the calories on...try and finish with a yogurt or piece of fruit. See if you can keep lunch below 500 Cals. 600 for Dinner, 300 for breakfast. Drink more water and if you like wine, it is that .....or dessert! If you are a crisp addict or sweet muncher...then buy just the one (small) treat a day and savour it slowly! Hope you are still focussed....good luck

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