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I went for my NHS health check today and although I am still at a much higher risk of developing heart disease than women my age with a healthy BMI, the nurse was very encouraging about the steps that I am taking to reduce it and get myself fitter. My cholesterol is normal and my blood pressure is a tad on the high side but I'm hoping that the lchf and exercise will help with that.

So lovely people, your efforts do make a difference so if you're having a bad day, hang in there and try again tomorrow. 😊

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LythamSuper Host 3st

WHOOP WHOOP! Great result! :-) x


Keep at it Leeleepuss and your results will be even better next time :)

Glad to hear Leeleepuss.

More of the same :)

Lovely job Leeleepuss!

Catgirl19762020 January

How's spoilt leo getting on? Baby is well and she enjoyed her salmon yesterday afternoon.

in reply to Catgirl1976

Probably sleeping peacefully after nicking half of my daughter's tuna!! Don't think I've tried him on salmon, I like it too much to share πŸ˜‚

Catgirl19762020 January
in reply to Leeleepuss

That moggy rules the roost and is a brown tabby version of baby!

Baby is spoilt and rules our roost as well!

Well done!!!

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