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Mande1012020 January
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Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to lose belly fat? I really enjoy gym/swimming but yet to see any real results.

I do eat better now than what I did, however, does anyone have any ideas of things to completely avoid, or things that aided their weight loss?

I have been reading about green tea and hot water with lemon but I have read mixed reviews. Can anyone please shed any light on this?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,

Mande D

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Hello and welcome Mande

I am afraid green tea, lemon and water or any other wonderful concoctions will not aid loosing belly fat.

Cutting carbs and eating good fats will :)

Have a read of these 2 articles



If you haven't already, please take time to read our Welcome Newbies post, this will help you to navigate the forum, it can be found in Pinned Posts along with all the Challenges and Events we run to keep you motivated. Participation is key to success, so I strongly suggest that you join in with one of our daily Weigh In's and also the Daily Diary where we share our menu's.

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Wishing you good luck on your weight loss journey and hope to see you taking part around the forum :)


Yup lucigret has got it. I have been cutting carbs for a month with intermittent fasting and have lost 10cm (4 inches) of my waist. I have gone from the edge of obese to considering wearing midriff tops - because everyone wants to see post-menopausal women in midriff tops, am I right?

Seriously, there are no tricks to losing belly fat. You need to lose weight and your body will decide where to start. I was lucky enough it decided on my belly. You may have to wait longer.

Or you may not. The only way to know is to start.

Slim_for_goodHealthy BMI
in reply to Subtle_badger

I will if you will. (Wear a crop top I mean...)


Be careful. I am not afraid.

I wore a Lycra cat suit to my 30th birthday party - which I threw. I realised though I wasn't entirely happy with my body, it was almost certainly never going to look better as I aged.

It needs be mentioned, I wasn't born with a Lycra catsuit. I had purchased it, which is how it was in my wardrobe.

In retrospect, I think I probably looked awesome. I wonder if anyone has photos?

Do you think I won't wear a crop top this summer? It's on!

Slim_for_goodHealthy BMI
in reply to Subtle_badger

Ok then!

Slim_for_goodHealthy BMI
in reply to Subtle_badger

I’ll wear one as part of a yoga /fitness set. Otherwise I think I’ll look a bit mutton 🤣

Slim_for_goodHealthy BMI

Annoyingly, we can’t choose where we lose weight from. The body makes that decision. If you lose weight, it will choose your tum, but will choose other places too and maybe first, it just depends on your body.

If you want one of those ‘weird tips’ to lose weight: give up all sugar, including naturally occurring sugar in fruit, and all refined carbs. To lose weight faster still, give up carbs too. And eat fat, like cheese, avocado and bacon.

The only way to lose a big belly in a hurry is to give birth. It’s not painless though. Equally rapid weight loss can be achieved through amputation. 🤣


Oh, sorry Mande101 for derailing your thread.


Hi, Mande101, welcome.

If you "slim smart" weight loss is not so hard! It is not all about motivation and masochism.

Some of us here find that what works is a combination of The Low Carbohydrate, High-Fat (LCHF) diet (see the forum here on Health Unlocked) and Not Snacking All Day AKA Intermittent Fasting (IF). See:


ChubbieChops2020 January

Hi Mande - I swim a lot and do a lot of walking and have tried diet after diet which restricted fats, but just before Christmas, on this website, I was told about the low carb, high fat diets - LCHF. I started it immediately and have lost 6lbs - over Christmas too!!!! And the weight has gone from my middle. I put on a pair of trousers I haven't worn in a month - no more muffin top! There is no magic bullet to help you lose weight like green tea or lemon juice. What has stopped the cravings for me was a high sat fat, lots of veg and some protein diet. I know it's the opposite of what we have been told to do for decades but research it. Check out the LCHF forum within this website. Good luck :)

Slim_for_goodHealthy BMI

Hey Mande101 have we scared you off?!


Hi Mande 101

I have taken the 'slow but steady' approach which seems to work for me. Altogether I have lost over 6 inches from my waist and 3 stone in weight over the past nine months. I have cut carbs - and replaced with lots of fruit and veg. I eat everything else - so I don't feel hungry. It is a mind set thing really because you are not hungry. It just feels a bit strange eating a snack without bread - or a meal with very little potatoe, rice or pasta. I can only say that it works for me and I am now increasing the carbs to see if I can maintain the weight. It has been relatively painless and I feel so very fit and well.

Wishing you all the best.

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