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Eating wont stop

Frecklez2019 December
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Hi everyone I've put on 5 stone in a year and need to get rid of it but I e had 3 spinal ops so cant stand for long and just eat out of boredom and habit it's a terrible cycle and I need help so I'm reaching out this is my first step x

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Hello, nice to meet you :)

Why not join the Advent Action challenge and choose one thing to do each day up to Christtmas? Here's today's


Would really like to see you on the Advent Action Challenge. Join any day and come back every day or some. A chance to make a change every day will start to make a real difference.

amylouise882019 December

Hiya ! 👋🏼

I am in totally same boat as you ... some lovely people have given me some amazing advice if you check my link.

It’s very hard but you’ve now taken the first step... you need to grab that with both hands to move forward.

I’ve started when craving sugar eating fruit as it sounds mad but it does curb my sugar craving... and I’m currently slowly reducing my sugar intake u til after Christmas and then I’ll figure the rest out after then.. small steps are the way forward I believe.

Try to go for a walk or do a quick work out when your feeling.m the itch for the fridge or biscuit cupboard... do some star jumps etc as I really feel this deflects that initial craving

Here if u need help we can be weighloss buddies!!! There is a lot of support here I just need to use it ❤️


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