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Calories will not lose me weight on this

Runrabbit50Restart August 2020

I have lost 72lbs on mainly WW but I’m plateauing and have 35lbs left to lose

I’m very active 300-400 minutes running and Zumba a week.

This plan nhs one says I should have 1640-2000 cals a day to lose 1-2 lbs a week I don’t even lose on 1400 a day so how am I’m going to lose on 1600+ cals a day ?

Anyone else find the calories given way to high ?


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Hi and welcome, Runrabbit50 :)

I found that watching what I eat to be more successful than how much I eat. If you restrict your calories for a long period of time, your body will lower it's metabolic rate to deal with what it perceives to be a famine. Have a look at these and

You may also find these interesting and

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Wishing you all the best :)

Looking really confident and fab in your pic there :)

I’m wondering why you are on 1,400 a day when the recommendation is higher? I imagine it would be difficult to sustain. It may be that your plateau is due to the low calories and your body trying to cling on to fat?

Congrats Runrabbit on your weight loss, you've done great and look great :)

Eating under the recommended cal range will work for a while but unfortunately it does force your metabolism to change, requiring you to eat less and less calories as you eat less to try and compensate.

It would have been helpful if whomever provided you with your original cal goals had pointed this out, however, you will be happy to hear that it is eventually retrievable.

Moreless has provided links that will help you understand why you've plateaued and how to move forward.

Good luck! :)

Hi, Runrabbit50, welcome.

Many of us here find that what works, particularly for getting off weight-loss plateaux, is a combination of The Low Carbohydrate, High-Fat (LCHF) diet (see the forum here on Health Unlocked) and Not Snacking All Day AKA Intermittent Fasting (IF). See:

Hi Runrabbit50,

There may be foods that don’t work for you.

Wishing you good health


Your body may have adjusted to being on a low intake all the time. To avoid this, it's best to increase your intake (mainly of natural, monounsaturated fat) to maintain at a new weight periodically.

You can achieve this by having a maintenance break for a week or so every month, or intermittent fasting, such as a 5:2 diet where five days per week you maintain, then two (usually non-consecutive) days you drastically restrict your kcal intake (usually to only 500 to 600 kcal for the day, and preferably just the one meal).


Wow, what a fantastic result, the difference is incredible! Congratulations, well done!

I'm curious about WW: do you feel hungry a lot, or have you found a way of eating that keeps you full while you lose weight? I'd imagine so since you've lost so much weight, just curious as many say WW will lead to yo-yo dieting.

Runrabbit50Restart August 2020

Thanks for your replies and your help.

I’ve done every plan known to man lol WW and calorie counting worked best as there’s no restrictions

Did keto for a year the high fat killed my ibs d

I fast every day don’t eat from 8pm to 2pm

Done 5:2 4:3 3.4

I gave up unhealthy carbs

I eat no more than 140 grams carbs aday I track on WW and mfp

I disagree WW will lead to yoyo dieting I don’t diet I have a new lifestyle no yoyoing for 13.5 months the longest I’ve not regained my weight and had to realise it in 32 years.

I’m not hungry as I limit carbs and avoid white carbs like white bread pasta potatoes etc

I just want to get to Goal and plateauing has been demotivating

Thanks again I agree going to low was because I had to as I spent many years on 600 cals a day meal packs. I tired to eat 1500-1600 cals a day but didn’t lose weight and I’m 50 now so won’t need so many calories I’m a size 12 and my muscle mass is good. I need to lose 35lbs to be a healthy BMi but as we know BMi is not correct indication of health as muscle mass .

Elisabeth39kg in reply to Runrabbit50

Eat healthy food and do the exercises. You are doing great, it seems to me. You will eventually move downwards again. Maybe you want to try new sports?

Runrabbit50Restart August 2020 in reply to Elisabeth3

I have started squash

I only eat healthy foods I think I try to hard sometime lol. Thanks x

Elisabeth39kg in reply to Runrabbit50

Take it easy. Trying too hard is not rewarding enough. 😃 Nice you are discovering a new sport. You will arrive at your weight when you do it right. Be patient. ⏳

I don’t think so. I am eating at the middle of the calorie range suggested to me by the NHS calculator and I am consistently losing .5 kg/ week.

Runrabbit50Restart August 2020 in reply to PippiRuns

Sorry but confused ?

PippiRuns1kg in reply to Runrabbit50

My reply is to your question “Anyone else find the calories given way to high?”

babss2 stone

Hi runrabbit50, welcome to the forum.

Very well done on your progress so far you look fabulous

I think you have hit on something about your BMI and not being the best indicator for health. If your muscle mass is good, it may well be distorting how much weight you still have to lose. Since you are now a size 12 a further 35lb to lose seems too high.

With your IBS D-I’ve found mine has been loads better since reducing my carbs down to under 100g per day. Do you think it was definitely the fats as a whole that were the trigger or could it just have been some of the foods you were eating more of? For instance, I’ve found too much dairy (especially cheese) can cause a flare but I’m fine with other healthy fats. Cheese I know features highly in the diet doctor keto plan, for example.

I can see this must be frustrating for you having come so far. I hope you find some tweaks you can make to your eating to get off the plateaux

Congratulations on incredible 'then and now'...

My suggestion would be just keep calorie counting with a balnced diet. No need for any extremes.

However, you say you are very active, well you must have been to lose so much weight, but might I suggest that you up the exercise to 'super active' and burn another 400 calories a day. You could acheive your goal in approx 10 months (too long for you perhaps?) without too much hardship. I appreciate that 'hardship' is subjective!! I also understand that you might need to compensate and fuel that extra exercise and therefore your goal might be acheived later than predicted.

Regardless, best of luck with 'that plateau'............

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