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New- how do I start???

Morning all, I signed up to this a few days ago, since then been reading lots of posts and seeing how supportive you all are so thought I’d give it a go!

I am 31, overweight and desperately want things to change but not sure how to begin. Been reading a lot of stuff online but each website I visit contradicts the last one. Very confusing!

I am a single parent so this means getting to the gym or anything is difficult.

If anyone could offer some advice on beginning a healthier lifestyle, eating and exercise, I would be grateful.


Sarah x

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Hi, would you like to join our weigh in today? Here's the link, hope to see you there! :-) x

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Welcome Purple.

I think you've done the best thing by reading the posts. Don't stop doing that and my suggestion would be to offer support, even if it's only to welcome people. I find that supporting others helps support myself.

Lytham has invited you to today's weigh-in which is another good way of staying focused and I would suggest you getting involved in the Daily Diary, which would be a good place for you to see the different ways that people approach healthy living.

Ask all the questions you've got... as you said, a friendly helpful bunch, will always be happy to give you a hand.

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Good morning, Purple3125, and welcome to the forum :)

As you say, there is a lot of information out there and I would suggest you read, draw your own conclusions about which plan is best supported by evidence, then give it a go. Find something that makes you feel healthier and happier, while losing weight, and that you can see yourself maintaining for the foreseeable future.

There's a lot going on here so we've put together a Welcome pack which will help you find your way around I recommend joining a weekly weigh in on the day of your choice, and using the Daily Diary for help and ideas on meal planning.

As for exercise, that plays a much lesser part in weight loss but has many benefits in itself. Choose something you enjoy as that's what you'll stick with. Walking is great so that's your start. A gym is definitely not necessary so don't spend money on something you won't use.

We've found that active participation so I hope we'll see you out and about around the forum :)

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Hi purple welcome I started on this site yesterday there are a lot of people who have welcomed me they are a good group I've been looking around so much to take in. I wouldn't spend money on a gym walking is good I walk alot especially to work and back I just need to change my eating habits. good luck on your journey 😊


Hi Sarah, another Sarah here too! I joined on here yesterday and I'm 29 struggling to lose about 4 stone. Everyone seems so nice and I'm excited to see what the next few months hold.

Don't try to do everything at once, I am starting by eating well and drinking more water. I'm starting on about 1700 cals a day. When I've got a good rhythm going with my eating I'll look at exercise rather than going hell for leather and giving up early.


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