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New day new start


Good morning everyone. I’m looking forward to beginning my weight loss journey. Ideally I’d like to lose four stone. My weight today is 14 stone 7 pound. This is the heaviest I’ve ever been but I’m hoping with the support of everyone here that I will start to make healthier food choices and swaps. A lot of my excess weight has come from my treatment for bone cancer but reading all the posts from other members I have already learnt that what I thought were healthy foods that taken in excess carry too many calories. For example I have been eating a lot of fruit but I only discovered last night that even fruit carry calories. So what I’m poorly saying is ten tangerines in a day together with apples grapes and oranges are a lot of calories when I add them together with the meals I have been eating. Fingers crossed I will have a better week and next week when I weigh myself I will have made a loss. Thank you for allowing me to the group I’ve already found it to be extremely helpful. Please can I ask does everyone write down each food they’ve eaten in a day with the calorie amount.

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The Daily Diary is where you will see people's meal plans. Here's a link to today's

And you would be made very welcome at the Saturday weigh-in: just take a few minutes to comment on other people's replies there as it all runs on mutual support. Here's the link

For future reference, to find your way around, please refer back to the link I gave you to the Newbie Club. That explains everything on offer here and how to find it.

Good luck :)

lea57-49r3 stone

Welcome to the forum and I wish you the very best in your weight loss journey. This is a really good forum with a lot of friendly people who will give you a lot of support. Best wishes.


Welcome! To start at the end of your post - yes, recording what you eat at least at the beginning of new lifestyle is important.So long as you're honest It helps self-discipline and developing the good habits you are aiming for in 2 ways:

First: you're more conscious of what you're eating, how many carbs etc and this in turn can lead to better planning of what you eat to avoid the bad stuff!

Second: (for me anyway) you can look back on the day and assess whether the balance of fat, carbs and protein is OK which again helps thinking about what you're going to eat in following days - helps with the shopping list too!

I'm afraid you're right about fruit - I used to eat loads before I realised how bad all that sugar is even if it's natural! I mostly stick to berries now as they have lots of fibre which reduces the harmful effect. Example - blackberries 10g carb (per 100g) 5g fibre = 5g "net carb", grapes 17g carb 0.9g fibre = 16.1. Bananas weigh in at 20g net. Noone's saying don't eat it (unless you're going for a keto lifestyle which is very low carb) but be aware!

There's lots of info both here and on the LCHF forum to help you decide what eating lifestyle suits you - good luck!

Thank you so much for your lovely message you have given me some really helpful advice x

cheritorroxMaintainer in reply to ODoherty1965

That's what we're here for - some are experts, some just willing to "be there" for people (especially when they've "been there" themselves!). I came here for support on changing lifestyle - which I got and still get in spades - but to be honest I enjoy the company in it's own right now people have become friends. It's an unusual day if there isn't a laugh somewhere!


I forgot to ask if you meant to leave your post unlocked.

When you do, it can be shared anywhere around the world wide web by Twitter, Facebook etc, including any replies - see the little logos at the foot of your post. For that reason, some members are unwilling to reply to unlocked posts :)

Hi, I started my weight loss in the middle of August when I weighed 14 stone 9 I’m down to 13st 2lbs today but still got at least 3 stone to lose.

I’ve been using an app called Lose It. You enter your details, current and target weight and how quickly you want to lose it and it calculates your recommended calorie intake. When you eat something you add it to your day. You can scan the barcodes of foods too so that you’re not having to search. It’s free but you can pay (£23?) for a year and it breaks it down into protein, carbs and fat. It keeps me on track.

Hi I use myfitnesspal and it includes fat protein and carbs, and the best part is that it's free, you sound determined, with all the help you get on here you'll be losing weight in no time

Onwards and downwards

Rosie 😊 xx

BungiecatRestart August 2020

My fitness pal might help you as you can log every item of food and exercise down Gail

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