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Is there a recipe builder?


Good morning everyone and feeling quite excited. I have forgotten how well calorie counting worked for me in the past so going to give it another go. But tell me how do I calculate homemade foods? I do a lot of cooking from scratch.

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Hi and welcome, BIFFO1 :)

To calculate home made food, weigh all ingredients and get the calorie count for each, total the amounts and divide by the number of portions. Keep these calculations in a notebook, or on an app, so that next time you make the same meal, you'll already know the calorie count.

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Wishing you all the best :)

Hi BIFFO1 - I know exactly how you are feeling - calorie counting is the only way to tackle this. its just a numbers game really, not taking in more than the number of calories that you exert/use! :) with regard to working out calories for homemade food, moreless is dead right, just add everything up. I made a beef chilli yesterday, added up the cals for 500g 5% fat mince, tinned toms, kidney beans etc, etc. as I added so much extra veg - four small onions, a big pile of chopped mushrooms, and a yellow and orange pepper it divided into six portions, at 245 calories per portion - lovely healthy dinner with a jacket pot and salad :). And, it tastes so much better when its homemade! Very best of luck with your recipe creations! :)


Hi, I found this app called ‘Loose It’. I was struggling with calorie counting but for some reason this feels fun now. You can put your recipes in too.

Good luck 🧿

Teagirl2 stone

Hey BIFFO1, all the advice above is spot-on.

I've never counted calories before, because I'd kidded myself that it was being 'overly obsessive'. I was completely wrong! It seems to be the only thing that works, but I also feel like it's helped me to change my habits....I certainly drink less!

I'm also use 'Lose It' like Tumay. It's a really good app, and you can scan in bar codes - very helpful when cooking :-) I've also been adding ingredients and dividing by portions. It's been working well and the app is easy to use.

The only thing to watch with Lose It is that the suggested daily calorie allowance (for me) was slightly less then the NHS guidance. It meant I was under-eating a little bit. It would definitely be worth checking.

Good luck and enjoy your cooking - look forward to hearing what you rustle up!

Hi BIFFO1 i ise My Fitness Pal

Its free (you can pay premium hut dont need to) theres a barcode scanner in the app to help you too, you can create meals for regular things yoh make & it shows you the calories, macros and can be synced with fitbit etc to counter your exercise and steps

Its a great tool, ive used it for years

Good luck


Another vote for myfitnesspal. It's easy to create your own recipes on there.

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